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Hank Thompson New Green Light Lyrics

Last updated: 11/26/2007 10:00:00 AM

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I turned your hold card upside down
I caught you cheatin' and runnin' around
There's a smile upon your face while another takes my place
And now at last dear the truth I've found

Babe there's the green light you're free to go
You take a high road I'll take the low
Here's your coat and shoes and don't forget your blues
You're on canoe now you'll have to row
[ fiddle - guitar ]
Babe there's the green light shift your gears
I know you fooled me for all these years
I'll hold my head up high and I'll forget you by and by
And there'll be laughter instead of tears
[ steel ]
Babe there's the green light kick up your heels
There'll come a day you'll know how it feels
To have your aces trumped and be taken for a chump
Now there's the green light so spin your wheels

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