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When sky blue gets dark enough
To see the colors of the city lights
A trail of ruby red and diamond white
Hits her like a sunrise

She comes and goes and comes and goes
Like no one can

Tonight she's out to lose herself
And find a high on Peachtree Street
From mixed drinks to techno beats it's always
Heavy into everything

She comes and goes and comes and goes
Like no one can
She comes and goes and no one knows
She's slipping through my hands

She's always buzzing just like
Neon, neon
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Neon, neon
Who knows how long, how long, how long
She can go before she burns away

I can't be her angel now
You know it's not my place to hold her down
And it's hard for me to take a stand
When I would take her anyway I can

She comes and she goes
Like no one can
She comes and she goes
She's slipping through my hands

She's always buzzing just like
Neon, neon
Neon, neon
Who knows how long, how long, how long
She can go before she burns away, away.

She comes and she goes
Like no one can
She comes and she goes
She's slipping through my hands

She's always buzzing just like
Neon, neon
Neon, neon
Who knows how long, how long, how long
She can go before she burns away

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A trail of Ruby red and diamond white | Reviewer: Ritu.downtown | 6/22/12

Mayer's obsession about the night city life. he's refering the city to be a girl that he's in love with but he's trailing behind because of its dynamism. All in all this song is all about the picturisation that one would make sitting on a hill top(just like the place where Mayer plays at beginning of the "Where the Light Is" DVD)!!

Neon | Reviewer: Simon | 1/12/11

Brilliant song.

If you think of a neon light as something that attracts passers by, I believe that's how he see's the girl - like a neon sign, always attracting passers by. She wants to party and do her own thing whereas he wants her for her. She is not ready for settling and he knows it.

Brillant song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/19/10

It's not just vars and clubs though. Think of the Vegas strip or Times Square at night. Neon lights are everywhere, they're usually used to draw attention to something people will hopefully find exciting or interesting enough to check out. ANd I am quite certain that bars and clubs are included in the meaning, but I think the deeper meaning is she is attracted to something exciting, faster, wilder than he is. "It's hard for me to make a stand when I would take her anyway I can". She probably calls him after a big night on the town and when she's lonely, probably intoxicated and no one else is there she turns to him. He knows he should say no, because he wants the better part of her, but he can't and he takes her any way she will come to him. "She's slippin through my hands". He cures the lonliness and the hurt. He builds her up when she is so very low, because he cares for her so dearly, but in the end he knows he will lose her to something more exciting. He knows he's not to her what she is to him, and yet he can't say no. And no one knows because it's only a temporary pacifier to her, so there's no need to tell anyone, and he doesn't tell anyone because he knows where it's going to end.

Bottom line, these lyrics are brilliant and profound. This spng speaks to me on every level. From the amazing guitar playing (especially live acoustic versions) down to the lyrics and vocal style that shows a certain desperation. Right on track with the entire album Room for Squares, which is one of the MOST under rated albums in years. Mayer is highly talented and deserves a lot of respect as a musician.

Neon | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/19/10

Yeah. I don't get much about drug use as a certainty in this song. It's more that she's just into the city night life, clubing and she's buzzing (going) like a neon sign. Like the neon beer signs in bars. Neon signs are famous for their buzzing noise. Especially to guitar players because the pick ups pick up the noise of neon lights. And where do you see neon signs? In bar rooms and clubs at night.

neon. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/28/10

hey my point of view is that he sings by refering to the neon lights in those ad boards in that peachtree street.
we can't predict when it'll be on and when it'll get faded away.
he sings that she comes and goes , comes and goes refering to those colored neon lights getting lightened and burning off. now comparing this neon lights to the girl he's talking about. that girl also can't be known when she'll be with him or when she'll leave him.

this song is really a good good song and when john plays it in an acoustic guitar it'll be very nice. note: no base or drums needed to play this song.

i like this song. | Reviewer: lindsay | 10/4/09

neon is a noble gas, unable to react with any other element. he obviously wants her, but she is a crazy city chick and he can't obtain her. he doesn't find a good enough reason to go for someone who is in the process of burning away right in front of him. after a while neon will just fade away.

LONG LIVE JOHN MAYER. this song is amazing live too

hm... | Reviewer: equinymph | 6/25/09

the girl is who he is in love with, but she's into drugs, she's into drinking, and into dancing. If she does something, she does it to the fullest. Something about this song is sad. I think that this girl is stuck in life, and she cant get away from it. She has no one to help her, but she doesn't neccesarily want people helping her. She both loves and hates her life simultaneously. It won't be long nefore she burns out, aka dies due to overdose, depressedness, or heartbrake. However, she will keep doing it, because she has no choice.
The guy might have been her everything once, but either way now he only watches her as she burns herself out. This is also sad, since the guy thinks that he has no right to stop her.

if a song's lyrics could induce a single emotion in humans, the emotion for this one is lonely...

--o2.26.o9 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/26/09

John Mayer wrote this before he became famous ..
peachtree street is an accaul street of where he grew up in Atlanta .. shes a city life chick thats into every drug. when he refers to sayin how long she can go before she burns away .. hes refering to those neon bright lights ( like those tacky open glowing signs or comapny names )that one letter is always burnt out & advangaley they all jus burn out .. or fade away .

ruby red | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/29/09

i agree that the song is about a girl who is doing drugs. however, the lyric "a trail of ruby red and diamond white" is a reference to the city lights--think of traffic coming and going, the white of the headlights and the red of the tail/brake lights. it "hits her like a sunrise" because she comes alive at night in the city and that's when she gets into trouble and starts slipping away from him.

are you serious?? | Reviewer: chris | 1/12/09

this is a simple song. This song is about a girl that he wants who is addicted to mdma. Ruby red and diamond white as in e hallucinations. Find a high on peachtree street, getting e. Mixed drinks and techno beats - anyone who has done e would know. And btw the lyrics posted above are incorrect in several spots.

Fantasic Song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/27/08

Even since I've heard this song, it's become kind of personal to me, one of my best friends has nicknamed me Argon for very much the reasons the girl in the song is "Neon".

Neon itself is a Nobel gas, from a chemical standpoint: it doesn't bond with any other element to form chemical compounds. The gas quality of Neon is this girl drifting and not being able to be grasped; the inert quality of Neon is speaks about his inability to form a relationship with her.

Song Neon | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/16/08

I believe that he is talking about this girl he loves, and shes really into the city life, but he is afraid it might hurt her. But his problem is that he loves her so much he'll take her if she still is absorbed in the city life

he rox my sox

Masterpiece Music. | Reviewer: G-Wizz | 9/29/08

Everything this man does absolutely gorgeous. We can all relate to this song, seeing as how we all see someone we would want to fall in love with, but due to their actions, it seems hard. We want to try to help them, but we know we can't.. and before we really know them it seems like they're already the one that got away.

What Neon means | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/23/08

I see some people got bits and pieces of the interpretation right but not all of it.

What the song is saying is that there's this chick who he obviously loves, she's into all this stuff that essentially is bad for her, destructive behavior and all that, he wants to help her, save her, but he doesn't really feel like it's his place. She's not the type to slow down or commit to anything but that's exactly what he wants her to do. Again, he wants to be her savior but it's kinda hard for him to do anything about her behavior because he is so in love with her and will take her however he can get her even if that means putting up with the things she does. But he wonders how long it will be before she completely ruins herself or perhaps before she moves on to someone else and fades away from him completely.

Really a great song.

John Mayer = Legend | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/2/08

who cares what the song means? If you really wanna know then ask him on myspace or something!

fact is that this song is just brilliant, everything about it is perfect

and for the one that said they've lost respect, you ain't a fan, you're just some punk


John Mayer is a legend

I'm going to see him on June 24 :D:D:D

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