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yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
let's go
N Dey Say
ohhhhhh oh ohhhh

hold up, stop now, let me get a look 'cha
damn girl i aint seen u since prom
come to think about it cant believe it's been that long
i heard your man locked down now
how long he gone? oh, dat long
how the hell he get time like that
3 strikes for possesion aww he ain't coming back
he left you with two kids and bills all around
plus you found out he had another chick cross town
it's always the darkest right before the sun rises
and you gotta stay strong for the kids in they eyes'n
please dont despise and go against all brothers
and have a hatred in your heart and take it out on another
i hate to sound 2pac-ish li'l mama keep your head up
but your gonna make it i promise you keep your head up
and that that dont kill you only makes you stronger
and the will to succeed only feed the hunger
fo' reel (fo' reel, fo' reel)

N Dey Say
ohhhhhh oh ohhhh
N Dey Say
ohhhhhh oh ohhhh

I was at the gas station when a man walked past
with a sign...'will work for food, clothes or cash'
and he asked if he could pump my gas so i let him
clean the windsheild and throw out the trash so i let him
hey, i even asked a brother his name
where he was from, got kids man and what's they ages
he kinda stuttered for a second, he kinda looked suprised
that anyone would even take an interest in his life
he said, "young brother them the only words i've heard in the last year
wasn't no or get the fuck away from herrrr"
how could something so simple as general conversation
mean much more than general conversation
hey you could tell life had beaten him down
like he was in the title fight and this might be his last round
sometimes the easiest things we take for granted
until they gone then realized we even had it
fo' real (fo' real, fo' real)

yeah, hey
N Dey Say
ohhhhhh oh ohhhh
yeah, hey
N Dey Say
ohhhhhh oh ohhhh

i used to think that life had a plan for me
until i realized life had to be planned by me
see that's the key i only deal wit what i can see
cuz over history, mystery brought us nothin but misery
man more people done died in the name of the Lord
then in any natural disaster, disease or gang wars
before guns they was swords and they was killin each other
And what's changed to this day still killin each other
killin a brother while another mother cries for help
man, we need to help a brother find himself
feed 'em light 1, 2, 3
hey that's somethin every brother should see
and thats fo' real,
and thats fo' real,
and thats fo' real

yeah, hey,
N Dey Say
ohhhhhh oh ohhhh
N Dey Say
ohhhhhh oh ohhhh

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What I think about this song. (: | Reviewer: Jenna | 2/12/11

I've listened to this song every since it first came out. Which I was probably 11 years old or so. It is probably one of my favorite songs done by Nelly. It really does have a meaning that people can relate to no matter what you're gender or race you are. It doesn't talk about getting money, pussy, or about drugs. It talks about real life situations.
------ Jenna

N dey say | Reviewer: Anthoni | 10/20/10

This song has so much meaning to it. It's been so long since this song was release but people still hear and start second guessing themselves as to what their doing and what there plans are for the future. Keep it goin nelly

hateful pple | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/13/10

Some of you pple are haters! Nelly has been my fav. artist since he came out. In fact he was my first fav. artist. His songs are so great 2 listen 2. I listen 2 thz one everyday. Yall need 2 take tht crap somewhere else HATEN' on Nelly.

this song has alot of meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/8/10

i love this song
it's not like other songs that talk about gettin some and havein alot of money
it's about real stuff.
stuff that people like me have seen in life
like my mom haveing to raise me, my sister,and brother on her own haveing very little money and being on welfare and strggleing in life while my dad and my sisters dad would pay child support and being in and out of jail. this song has alot of meaning to me. i thing everyine should listen to this song and really listen to the lyrics it can teach you alot about life.


seriously? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/09

out of all the songs out there that are ganster and for all you badass gangsters you pick this one to try and be badass about. this is a chill out song not one to be listenin to while shootin up your block or whatever you guys do. so you got the wrong so to be tryin to start over dude

My Gosh. | Reviewer: Leesha. | 11/22/07

You people act like you have never heard of racism before, this is JUST a song, it has nothing to do with races. not once in this song does he say anything about "Nigger" or ewt like that. so in all honestly. your being a pathetic. do you think if he wrote his songs for a certain race he would be as famous and rich as he is ? no. so simple. its a song. a good one. get the fuck over yourselves.


What the? | Reviewer: Bubblez | 10/9/07

How can you guys say dat shit? This is an awesome song, with meaning in it, unlike most stuff out there. It has nothing to do with race or colour. You're a bunch of idiots if you think it does. Get a life. Chill out and enjoy his music!!!

to ppl accusing ppl of bein racist | Reviewer: sal_sam8@yahoo.com | 7/26/07

all of u need 2 chill!!!! n "mad niggerish" last tym i checked nobody sed the song was racist eaither ur really stupid or u dont knoe how to read!!!!! n the other dude that responded to hys comment just let it go!!! let hym be chilidish if he wants!!!! there is no need to continue in hys lil' chilish games!!!!!

n dey say | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/18/07

a really good song a song u would listen to when u wana relax and da lyrics r so touching

What The Fuck???? | Reviewer: Sy Parki | 6/11/07

After listening to this.which is one of my fav tunes !! i scroll down to see some {mad-niggerish fella} as he put it himself!! Talkin Shit about this song is for black men. i mean what the fuck is this guy on? hey tell you what wat man. the only racist on this page is you ya prick. get a life! your not a gangsta cause you where a gold chain and you are a fan of 2pac.....so do us all a favour and save your bullshit for people who give a fuck...........

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