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James Taylor My Traveling Star Lyrics

Last updated: 03/18/2013 01:14:42 PM

(James Taylor)

Watch my back and light my way
My traveling star, my traveling star
Watch over all of those born St. Christopher's Day
Old road dog, young runaway
They hunger for home but they cannot stay
They wait by the door
They stand and they stare
They're already out of there
They're already out of there

My daddy used to ride the rails
So they say, so they say
Soft as smoke and as tough as nails
Boxcar Jones, old walking man
Coming back home was like going to jail
The sheets and the blankets and babies and all
No he never did come back home
Never that I recall

Nevermind the wind
Nevermind the rain
Nevermind the road leading home again
Never asking why
Never knowing when
Every now and then
There he goes again

She had a cat and a dog named Blue
My traveling star, my traveling star
A big old stove and a fireplace, too
Old road dog, young runaway
She told me loved me like it was true
I knew I should stay
I knew I would go
Run run run away
Run run run away, boy

Run before the wind
Run before the rain
Over yonder hill
Just around the bend
Never asking why
Never knowing when
Every now and then
There you go again

Tie me up and hold me down
Oh, my traveling star
Bury my feet down in the ground
Oh, old road dog
Claim my name from the lost and found
And let me believe this is where I belong
Shame on me for sure
For one more highway song

My traveling star
My traveling star

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Fact check | Reviewer: Corey | 3/18/13

This tune comes from "October Road," not "One Man Band." It's a cuting tune that is delivered in Mr. Taylor's warm, attractive style. Don't let that fool you; he's kicking some ass here

The perennial traveler | Reviewer: Steve Borrow | 6/30/08

This is a beautiful little tune from the One Man Band album that explores the phenomenon of the perennial traveler, who is burdened with such an unquenchable thirst for freedom that he can never remain anchored anywhere particular for very long. Yes it is a burden, as JT tells us “they hunger for home but they cannot stay”: their lives are doomed to oscillate between the security and comfort of a stable home life and the quest for the open road. They begin as young runaways and end up old road dogs, as he calls them, but always blessed by that one lucky travelling star selected from the multitude that lights his way through the darkness.

It is one thing to be blessed with JT’s wonderful vocal tone and expression, it is something else again to be able to find your groove and write such masterful songs. That is why he endures like that travelling star he sings about.