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Faith, you're driving me away
You do it everyday
You don't mean it
But it hurts like hell

My brain says I'm receiving pain
A lack of oxygen
From my life support
My iron lung

We're too young to fall asleep
Too cynical to speak
We are losing it
Can't you tell?

We scratch our eternal itch
A twentieth century bitch
And we are grateful for
Our iron lung

The headshrinkers, they want everything
My uncle Bill, my Belisha beacon
The headshrinkers, they want everything
My uncle Bill, my Belisha beacon

Suck, suck your teenage thumb
Toilet trained and dumb
When the power runs out
We'll just hum

This, this is our new song
Just like the last one
A total waste of time
My iron lung
The headshrinkers, they want everything
My uncle Bill, my Belisha beacon
The headshrinkers, they want everything
My uncle Bill, my Belisha beacon

And if you're frightened
You can be frightened
You can be, it's OK
And if you're frightened
You can be frightened
You can be, it's OK

The headshrinkers, they want everything
My uncle Bill, my Belisha beacon

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literally, my iron lung | Reviewer: jim | 6/25/13

it says that life can have unpredictable consequences...ending up with your breathing dependent on a machine. I am a nurse, and the majority of my patients are connected to a ventilator 24/7, or they will die. how did they get there? picking up a cd while driving and crashing, falling out of a tree picking an apple, shot for their cell phone. in the 50's, an iron lung was a monstrously bulky breathing machine. I love this song, taught my daughter to play and sing it, but it reverberates the dark side of many radiohead songs.

Middle finger | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/13/13

haha hilarious lyrics, just total disgust with the society they are trapped in, where the young are already too cynical to speak and everyone goes on pretending that its not falling apart. I don't think ive heard a funnier few lyrics than 'suck your teenage thumb toilet trained & dumb when the power goes out we'll just hum' lol what a backhand to the very audience that made them, you can just imagine him smiling singing that. But they make it all worthwhile at the end - Hey if you're frightened thats OK!

so honest

I think it's worth noting... | Reviewer: Scott | 1/14/13

Thome said that the song 'Creep' was Radiohead's iron lung, possibly disgusted with it's own success and how restricting it was to their growth for a period of time, but while also providing a much needed financial bump and life blood.

popisdead | Reviewer: ^_^ | 10/16/11

this is a beautiful song. one of their classics i think. I never knew the lyrics until now that uncle bill and belisha is pretty weird. All this time I've been just mumblin to this song...haha..but i love it none the less and yeh..ppl see things differently and interpret meanings of songs different too. I kinda thought it meant having to survive off of uncomfortable machines and sort of warning the listener about what they can do to you and it was a sort of complaint but in a happy way..? didn't make much sense to me..Love it tho...

@Anonymous 7/23/11 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/11

What the hell does that have anything to do with what Alan Svatr said? At least he is making sense, unlike you.

"You just make me so angry, I could bitchslap you all day long". Wow, you do sound like the christian type, that's for sure. For your sake I hope you're not older than 14.

@alan svartr | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/23/11

Man, did you know that according to wikipedia two thirds of the scientists from all the scientific horizons believe in the existance of God? Take your stupid childish thinking and shove it up your butthole.
It's obviously not the right place to talk about this matter. You just make me so angry, I could bitchslap you all day long... :)))))

Religion. | Reviewer: Alan Svartr | 5/4/11

Pretend the song is about the modern atheist and agnostic cynicism and it seems to fit better than other theories.

First stanza is self-explanitory. (Maybe too obvious?)

Second and Third stanzas: the consequences/ general feeling of modern human angst.

Fourth stanza seems to fit to the temptation (ironic) to fall back to religion.

The rest of the song seem to be examples of this in variance.

The following lines seem to reassure that its OK to be scared of the things religions try to scare you into buying in to them:
And if you're frightened
You can be frightened
You can be, it's OK

I see someone else put forth this interpretation already. Apologies.
-Dave / Barkov / Alan Svartr.

Ragoo | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/4/11

Fucking hell gawthaman. Nothing really makes me angry but your stupidity is such that i could blugen you to death with a teddy bear. Everyone should take note of this. A song means something different to everybody. And this song is a master piece. If you could ever write anything near this brilliant. And i bet you're not even a musician. Cuz anyone with musical talent could see that radio head are in a leage of their own. And you're just a little prick

guess you guys don't want to see what it's all about | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/3/11

this song is not about nonsense neither about a relationship. it has a clear and very fucking important message to all of us. cmon guys open up your eyes, I mean I am a poor educated turk living born and raised in germany and even I can see clearly what it is all about.
if the writer of the song would read the comments here he would start to cry because of the ironic that even listeners and fans are still so blind and ignorant and because of the fact that he knew it before he made the song. now go search some quotes fuck me up and say no u!

It's about their music | Reviewer: jason | 12/5/10

I see this song as radioheads way of saying they have other songs besides their hits - songs that need recognition as well.

But they're also saying that they know they wont get recognised because they don't appeal to people who live off musical hooks

"this this is our new song
just like the last one
a total waste of time"

Go back to your iron lungs | Reviewer: ? | 11/14/10

Dosen't a song mean something different for everyone? I thought this was about someone that has to depend on something, but they wish they didnt have to. /like the education system.
But then again,
maybe I'm wrong.

Relationships. | Reviewer: Jack Nichols | 9/21/10

Personally this song always struck me as a song about a relationship that has turned sour. The "iron lung" refers to the poisoned chalice that is his relationship, on the one hand it's the one saving grace keeping him sane, on the other it's causing him an awful lot of pain.I think everyone can relate to that, whenever you truly love someone there are always hard times, in which you question whether the person is worth all of the hassle.

The use of "our new song" could simply refer to a new relationship and how it is never that different from the previous one.

Probably completely wrong, but just my take.

Gowthaman | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/3/10

Gowthaman, stop your damn sulking about the world being dumb and shallow , just because you dont find meaning in this song does not mean it don't exist, i fully agree with the anonymous dude saying your a selfimportant dick, my thoughts about you are the following, 1, you listen to "underground" bands that arent even that good, but because they are so underground you listen to them for that sole reason, 2 you think you are the smartest creature made thru alltime and you see things no one else does, but in reality you are just a teenager locked up in your dark room with no friends,

but perhaps im wrong

Creep | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/19/10

The lyrics of this song is about the succes of creep.

The song is about the hatred Radiohead got for Creep, because people only at first listened to it...

This is enhanced by the line "and we are grateful for our iron lung". Meaning that they are grateful for it's succes.

But the ironlung is holding them back , "this this is our new song". Emhasising that there is more than just Creep.

Don't you just hate angsty teenagers? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/15/10

Gowthaman, I think I can sum you up in just a few words: a self important, arrogant, generalizing cynic. Anything has meaning when you look deep enough. If you don't get it or don't empathize with it, that's okay. I don't agree with Wu-Tang on a lot of issues, but that doesn't mean their music is shallow and pointless. If the music contains no power, why is Radiohead so damn famous? If the lyrics are meaningless, why do so many songwriters look to Thom Yorke's writing as inspiration? And don't try to tell me that everyone who disagrees with your down-on-the-world idiocy is a shallow fool, too. If someone is inspired by something, anything, who the hell are you to tell them your own analysis and treat it as fact? The world isn't so stupid that we can't see the difference between opinion and truth. This isn't 1984, this is music. Go back to your shoegaze and stop trying to tear down something people love. As a side note, saying "Amen" after posting something dumb doesn't make it any more true, especially when the something in question is the sullen and hateful opinion of a great band.

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