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The Dresden Dolls My Alcoholic Friends Lyrics

Last updated: 03/17/2008 11:00:00 AM

I’m counting back
the number of the steps
it took for me to get
back on the wagon of the weekend

I’ll use the autotimer to prove that
I'll get home with my imagination
if they find the body in the basement
“in the very house that she was raised in!”

I’m taking down
the number of the Times
so when we get the sign
from god I’ll be the first to call them

I’m taking back the number of the beast
cause 6 is not a pretty number
8 or 3 are definitely better
a is for the address on the letter
to my alcoholic friends

I’m trying hard
not to be ashamed
not to know the name
of who is waking up beside me
or the date, the season or the city
but at least the ceilings very pretty
and if you are holding it against me

I’ll be on my best behavior
taking shots for mother nature
once my fist is in the cupboard
love is never falling over


should I choose a noble occupation
if I did I’d only show up late and
sick and they would stare at me with hatred
plus my only natural talent’s wasted on my alcoholic friends
my alcoholic friends
the party never ends
my alcoholic friends

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My Alcoholic Friends | Reviewer: Heather | 3/14/2008

i agree with chris. i didnt like any of the dresden doll's songs at first, but after i listened to them a few times, i started to love them. all of their lyrics are amazingly creative and its a relief to find a band with such an original sound in the music world today.

My Alcoholic Friends | Reviewer: Rebecca | 1/15/2008

hehehe. What a great, slightly silly and serious song. I cracked up at the part about the number of the beast. I have heard DD before, but was never interested until I heard this one.

About the song My Alcoholic Friends performed by The Dresden Dolls | Reviewer: Spyke | 6/6/2007

This song was love at first note, for me. Its extreamly cactchy, and have a good rythem. They lyrics are amazing, although I coulden't understand some of them at first.

Lorien M. | Reviewer: Lorien Moore | 5/13/2007

The first time I heard this song I was just listening to all of the songs in order - I had just bought the CD.
Later I found myself humming the beginning of that song over and over, but I couldn't remember which one it was. That's how catchy it is!

My Alcoholic Friends | Reviewer: Elsie M. | 4/14/2007

I am a DD fan, but when I first listened to this song I thought it was a bit repetitive(sp?) and all the verses sounded the same, but after listening to it a few times I started to really like it. If you like this song, I would suggest buying the cd because the songs have the same "cabaret" style but all of them are different enough that you don't get bored of them.

My Alcoholic Friends Review | Reviewer: Chris Morris | 8/8/2006

This review is at the point of an open minded teenager. Although, I mostly stay in the rock genre, I found this song extremely appealing. The first time you listen to this song, you're thinking 'what the hell'. You're tempted to just stop listening, but then again... you want to atleast finish out the song.

Laterwards you want to listen to the song. So... you do. And this is when you realize, this song isn't so bad. Not only does it have a catchy tune, but the lyrics are quite good.

Good Song 9\10