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Within Temptation Mother Earth Lyrics

Last updated: 08/08/2012 12:20:34 PM

Birds and butterflies
Rivers and mountains she creates
But you'll never know
The next move she'll make
You can try
But it is useless to ask why
Cannot control her
She goes her own way

She rules until the end of time
She gives and she takes
She rules until the end of time
She goes her own way

With every breath
And all the choices that we make
We are only passing through on her way
I find my strength
Believing that your soul lives on
Until the end of time
I'll carry it with me

Once you will know my dear
You don't have to fear
A new beginning always starts at the end
Until the end of time
She goes her own way

Thanks to Amy for submitting Mother Earth Lyrics.

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To "Anonymous" | Reviewer: Malachy_Grapes | 8/8/12

First of all: "Mother Earth" is the best song ever done, for me. As simple as this.

I wanna say that I've read time ago that this song was written the day after the death of Sharon's kitty. Probably the second strophe is related to this; Sharon "isn't sad" because she knows that its soul keeps alive.

I love WT, and for me this is their best song. And look how hard is to choose only one song as the WT's best :P.

Perfect song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/28/11

'Mother Earth' is one of the very first of their songs I listened to. I have to say that every of Within Temptation's songs has a real and important meaning to me, because they are true. The lyrics of this song are just... incredible, and sung by Sharon den Adel? Forget about it! Thanks for sharing the lyrics, by the way. :)

PS : The story about Sharon and her kid, if it is true, how do you explain that she didn't have any kid when she wrote this song? | Reviewer: b.gupta | 10/9/11

a pray and request to earth - --we pray to earth and for every one .what ever sins we have done what ever mistakes we have made by knowingly and unknowling .requests--- there should not be any hell under earth .no soul be taken to under earth ,hell ,or any kind of placses under earth for suffering ,punishment or any kind of torturings .due to bad wisdom and bad fate every one do mistakes , sins. every one was not born with the good grace and qualities not doing mistakes .every soul, every molecule ,every human may be sinner or good get back each and every molecule which are taken from humans ,souls,and be the humans again .and every human ,soul,molecule get the good wisedom ,good intelegence not to commeiting any sin not doing wrong bad,not doing anything which cause insult to anyone which makes anyone angry ,there be no bad words,no bad thoughts,no hates ,no sins,no vengeances,no quarrels ,no life lose, be respect for every one ,in every soul,human, kundalini ,every molecule .there be no any soul,molecule, creaters,with any kind of suffering,punishment,or any torturings .

background to the lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/22/10

this song was the result of a profound spiritual insight. Sharon den Adel was leaving her local grocery store because her kid wanted some cereal for breakfast and she had no milk. Normally she kept a pint of long-life milk in the cupboard under the stairs, but after searching for 10 minutes to find the 'Long-life' she realized she had none.

In the mornings she is quit pressed for time to get her kid to school, so she ran to the garage. She managed to get the milk but after leaving the store she then realized that the store attendant had short changed her. Furious and strapped for time she went back into the store and frantically demanded the change that was missing. The store attendant explained calmly that because she had not checked her change BEFORE she left the store he could not even reimburse her, even IF he had short changed her.

She then ran out the shop tripped on the door threshold fell flat on her face and the milk carton exploded in her face. When she then discovered that she did not have enough money to buy another carton of milk BUT if she had not been short changed that she COULD have bought a replacement carton, it became apparent to her that Mother Nature was telling her something.

Suddenly it all came clear. No matter what you do in THIS life. Your life story is happening to you. After getting her kid to school without breakfast and 25 minutes late she went to a nearby cafe and wrote the lyrics, 'mother Earth' inspired by her encounter with a carton of milk exploding in her face; and her lack of financial control in spite of making provision. You can hear the resentment she was feeling in the words of the song. This is a true story. Honest.

Stupid people! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/22/10

Wow! People still make my jaw drop with there ignorance!Catholic huh??? LMAO! I think before anyone throws around accusations on what religion WT is they should do some investigating for themselves! 100% Pagan! The intire band to be exact!Does that scare you? maybe you shouldnt listen to them then!!i bet you would rather her be catholic! Fight the fear!! Oh and by the way-we have most diffinatly not "died out"!! Nor are we "country dwellers" lol-ignorance is bliss!

mother earth | Reviewer: blacklight | 2/23/10

this song has a deeper meaning.mother earth takes care of us and has planed everything.we're the only who make mistakes and destroy our world, but this world doesn't belong to us.we're temporary. Within Temptation are the best!!!!!!!!

Nature101 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/21/10

This song, to be perfectly honest, captured my attention the very first time I played it. After analizing these lyrics, I am swept away with emotion and absolute deepness. This songs meaning is rather set, death always comes, but do not apprehend, for it is just the beginning of a new stage. ALthough I am young, I am pretty much a wiccan/pagan. All throughout the song, "she" is mentioned countless times. She would mainly referr to mother nature, or in this case, mother earth. Like how scientists study the earth, always discovering new things, some indescribable. That is expressed in the line that "But you will never know the next move she'll make you can try but it is useless to ask why." THe line, "We are only passing through on our way" shows that this whole life that we exist in currently is perhaps a selection, or fragment in comparison to the whole travel. Most wiccans believe in reincarnation, but whose to say that this song is more accurate, or is anothers idea better? We may never know ourselves until the end. Lastly, the song emphasizes that death isn't to be feared, but excepted, not necassarily thrived for! It also demonstrates the vitality of appreciating the world around us, to preserve it.

Personally, this song is so inspiring I think I might wright my own song! I am catholic, which, based on Sharon's band name: Within Temptation, that she is catholic aswell. However, her catholic scope that she often expresses in her songs is diverse from another roman catholic. I emphasize how God embodies everything as a blessing, and that a great respect and gratitude should be expressed, which could be her view aswell. Or, she might be expressing it through a Pagan/Wiccan side through her description throughout the song.

I absolutely loved this song! The begining itself is just magical, truely magical, and reminds me of a beautiful scenery. A snowcovered mountain peak, a shallow mountain valley with clumps of shemrock, and a vast vigorous forest of nutty hemlocks and spruces, the grass dappled with morning dew. Its interesting how a chill runs up my spine like electricity while I fell warm and comfited inside, in my core. I absolutely recommend this song. I suggest other bands with deep morals including Evanescence, one of my favorites, and Forever Slave, which is a lot darker, gothic and hectic if you want a thrill. All three have amazing voices, and I'd check all three out! Listen and enjoy!!!! =D

Frosh! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/29/09

First off this has to be my favorite song by WT. Second, you can be a pagan wherEVER you are duh! Third, on a more personal note, I feel like it does have Wiccan themes. But thats just because I see it that way ^_^ I agree with that person I do get chills listening to this song.

pagan? | Reviewer: Keith | 6/22/09

The song is just about nature - it has nothing to do with wiccan. Speaking pedantically about the true meaning of 'Pagan', a pagan is a country dweller - someone who lives by agriculture and worships the gods/spirits of fertility, weather, seasons etc. If you are a city dweller, you can't really be a pagan - pagans grow things. Try 'Animist' instead.

Religion | Reviewer: The Poet | 6/6/09

Whether or not this song is Wiccan, it's still an excellent song with deep meaning. Correct me if I'm wrong but it's just my opinion. I love the energy of Mother Earth and Within Temptation. I get more of an adrenaline rush listening to Jillian. I love that song!! I don't think this song can be loved and understood by just one group. I am Christian and I love Within Temptation as well as Nightwish, Evanescence, and Superchick (the oddball in this group of bands!)

Love it! | Reviewer: Wolfman | 5/12/09

The song is amazing and even though I wouldn't say it's written deliberately to seem like a Wiccan anthem, it makes sense, doesn't it? Wicca is a beautiful religion and maybe could be our only way to stop all the bad things happening to our planet.
I'm glad to see so many open-minded people here, too.

And, of course - WT rocks!

paganism | Reviewer: Big Al | 3/31/09

i thought pagan was a term for religions that are not christian, like ancient roman and greek shit. And wicca, whatever, also for some reason this song was used in KOTT, (knights of the temple). not that its relevant to any of this.

Beautiful song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/16/08

I do love the song, excellent lyrics and beautiful voices.

BUT. For those who would correct someone calling themselves Pagan, true, real Pagans may have died out quite a long time ago but there is a lot of negativity and assumed immaturity related to the word 'Wiccan' and a lot of people, especially if you're younger, will label it a phrase. Pagan is much more appropriate in those cases as it less represents a fad, and saying Neo-Pagan would give off the same result as saying Wiccan I would think.

And no, I do not believe that this song has any religious reference, really; you could try and say that any song about nature, Mother Earth, etc. is Pagan/Wiccan/Neo-pagan and the like, just as you could say any song with the word 'god' in it has Christian reference. The terms and subjects have more meaning than just as religious symbols.

Great | Reviewer: Erix | 11/8/08

First: this son is amazing. Perfect.
Second: "pagan" is a term wich refers to those religious people whose beliefs are not those of the main world religions. It's a word you can use today, even though "neo-pagan" is more used.
Wicca and neo-paganism is not the same. Wicca is only a neo-pagan religion (every wiccan is neo-pagan, not every neo-pagan is wiccan).

amazing | Reviewer: Lei'Ana | 10/14/08

This song is amazin i covered it for my music solo and meet them at download. the band is amazing and have influeneced me in so many ways love them so much this song helped me through alot of stuff