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Dandy Warhols Mohammed Lyrics

Last updated: 12/24/2012 06:27:51 AM

Again and again
I get up and say
I only want to get it right
I only want to do the right thing
But all these demons pass beside

I wonder today
I'm alone but then
No one can make their own life
No one can say that they're an island
When all this freedom you get is a lie

Again and again

Thanks to mohammed_jehan for submitting Mohammed Lyrics.

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(Important: Use a nickname if you don't want your name to be published) Type your review in the space below: | Reviewer: jill | 4/28/11

The above comments are so spot on. Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia...listening to it with headphones...the quality of sound production, innovative mixes of hypnotic words and layers of rich music, unique instrumentation make this a standard for the ultimate "headphone" experience..

this song is timeless. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/14/08

this song is so brilliant because it's just so HONEST. it captures a personal reality, not only by phrasing it so well, but by putting those words to great music at the same time. never corny, always deep. love beck and this song.

Beautiful | Reviewer: methodrone | 2/24/07

there's a hell of a lot more to the Dandy Warhols than "We Used To Be Friends" or "Bohemian Like You" and this song proves it best

FREAKIN' AWESOME!!! | Reviewer: jade | 6/19/06

it's my fav Warhols song so far....although the rest are amazing too!!! thanks D for turning me on to this music!!!!