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Robbie Williams Misunderstood Lyrics

Last updated: 05/06/2011 11:00:00 AM

Trying to be misunderstood,
But it doesn’t do me any good,
Love the way they smiled at me
Held that face for eternity
Now let them all fly off,
When it comes down,
It all comes down,
And you will not be found,
When it’s over,
It’s all over,
Even if I make a sound

I’ll be misunderstood,
By the beautiful and good in this city,
None of it was planned,
Take me by the hand,
Just don’t try and understand

Trying to be misunderstood,
Just a product of my childhood,
Still I find myself outside,
You can’t say I haven’t tried,
Perhaps I tried to hard,
No excuses,
I Won’t apologise,
To justify your lies,
Come find me,
Tell them to me,
Look me in the eyes

I’ll be misunderstood,
By the beautiful and good in this city,
None of this was planned,
Take me by the hand,
just don’t try and understand

Can’t forgive sorry to say,
You don’t know you’re guilty anyway,
Isn’t it funny how we don’t speak the language of love?

Thanks to Yolanda Marquez for submitting Misunderstood Lyrics.

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Beautiful | Reviewer: Nouman | 5/5/11

Robbie Williams is the best adult contemporary artist of our time. His lyrics are balanced, meaningful and hard-hitting. His vocals are mature and unique. Misunderstood is just one of his many greats. God bless you Robbie!

oh God... | Reviewer: Grace | 2/24/08

every single time i listen to this, i cant stop myself from crying... Rob uses just the right words to express how we all fell sometimes, but we cannot write it down, or cannot say it... he is one talented poet i tell you that :)

He does it again! | Reviewer: RP, England | 11/6/07

Rob, well done! Haunting melody, words of desperation and understanding of lonely life.

May you continue to write and sing so well.

Cheers mate.

Misunderstood....what can i say?there is a lot of is well explained. | Reviewer: Rb Torres | 9/29/05

Just as yesterday when i felt like am in the brink of losing a grip of my reality,comes again another message thru robbie's music and within this i thank GOD,in wordly as flashing out of a Man's mind as talented as Robbie Williams within his ways of expressing Truth without spilling the bean of truth,and reality.

Thanx Robbie | Reviewer: Berrie de Vos (rev.) SA | 4/6/05

Your art comes from our hearts!
I appreciate your honesty
and way of telling it!
This and "Feel" is your 2nd song that
I use in a sermon at our church.
We love u and pray that the Lord will
touch u and use u even more with your great talent
to reach people all over the world
Berrie de Vos (rev.)
Centurion South-Africa

A nice Robbie Williams song | Reviewer: Ina | 12/26/04

Personally, I think this is one of Robbie's best songs, proving once again his value. It also matches the movie's theme.