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Little old man contemplates suicide twice a day.
Life's passed him by.
Little old woman scared and blind, left alone in desparate times.
Life's passed her by.

Oh, life, it's misunderstood them, so they close their eyes and dream of better
Oh, life, it's misunderstood, yeah.
Life's not always fair, or so they say.

Little boy with vacant eyes, daddy won't be home tonight.
And he don't know why.
His mother, she sits alone tangled in the web she's sewn.
She lives lie to lie.

Oh, life, it's misunderstood them, so they close their eyes and dream of better
Oh, life, it's misunderstood, yeah.
Life's not always fair, or so they say.

Strangled, caged, left alone, doin' time in a broken home.
Feelin' left to die.
I'm a product of your troubled ways.
You made me what I am today.
Now I ask you why.
Oh, life's misunderstood me, so I close my eyes and dream of better days,yeah yeah.
Oo, life's misunderstood me.
Life's not always fair, life's not always fair or so they say.

Restless soul deep inside im searching for some piece of mind.
Livin' just to die.
I'm an angry man and I always am, had to fight to survive my past.
A sign of those times.

Life, it's misunderstood me and I know, know that you've been there too.
Time lets a restless soul fade away.
Life's not always fair, life's not always fair, or so they say.

Yeah life's misunderstood me so i close my eyes and dream of a better day
Oh oh, life's misunderstood me Life's not always fair, life's not always fair or so they say.

Little boy with hopeful eyes, daddy's comin' home tonight.
So don't you cry. So don't you cry.

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Corabi is better than vince | Reviewer: truecrue | 9/10/13

Stylistically different from their previous work (in a good way). Sixx saw the 90s and saw that they'd have to make a transition away from "hair" much like Metallica did. They tried to hold some credibility with Generation Swine, but their fans couldn't stand growth so they went back to the same old same old and turned into a nostalgia/self-parody act post-Swine. Shame.

The Corabi Album the Greatest Ever | Reviewer: Ben b | 11/30/12

When I listened to the Corabi album it was an instant addiction. Better musically and lyrically. So roar and powerful. Songs with meaning. Tommy had one of the best drum sounds I've ever heard and having the extra guitar took the band to a whole new level. They were as good as any hard rock metal band on any level.
How insane is that voice. The only match for Corabi in this life would be Chris Cornell (sound garden). How and Why they ditched Corabi is beyond belief. If they persisted with him they could have seen greatness beyond belief and they all would be better musicians today.

To The Reviewer Below... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/24/12

"You like the more chubby?" - WOW! Having to stoop so low as to criticize Vince's weight just shows how pathetic that sounded.
Here was me thinking that in rock music it doesn't matter what you look like, talent is measured in the music.

Everyone's allowed to have their opinions, I just prefer Vince's voice, it fits with a band like the 'Crue who have shaped their entire career out of debauchery.
I'm not saying that I don't like Corabi, but he just wasn't right for them, or for any type of 80's glam rock band for that matter.
It'd be like replacing Paul Stanley from KISS with Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters.

I actually also got the chance to see The 'Crue live with Def Leppard and Steel Panther recently, and I was blown away by how Vince (and Joe Elliot!) can still reach those high notes.
He also looked great and the band played well together, my only gripe is him missing out words, but...I'm British and we don't get decent bands touring here often so I'll let it slide haha!

Anyway, like I said, John Corabi brought out more to Nikki's song writing, but the album just lacked the magic that Vince always brought to the band.

John Wins | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/12/11

Sorry no! I don't care about who's the best singer for MM,if we're talking about singing,Corabi is the man......you like more the chubby hen?Then take it but regading voice power,modulation,intonation and tone there's simply no match!

Misunderstood... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/28/10

I have to disagree with MM about how Vince is the 'weakest link in the band'.

I remember reading an article in Classic Rock magazine about great singers, and how they rated Corabi over Vince.
They defended their opinion by saying; "If any fans have an issue, go and listen to Home Sweet Home and Time For Change'.
Complete rubbish as Vince Neil sounds amazing in demos of both songs, I think that sometimes his vocals get too worked on in post-production.
Some artists may have amazing voices, but if they have no charisma-it shows.
Vince's charisma is part of his charm and you hear that through his voice and see it through his stage presence.

John Corabi is a great songwriter and the Motley Crue album has lyrics that just blow me away, but I don't believe he has a better (or worse!) voice than Vince.
Just different.
It's like arguing over Sammy Hagar/David Lee Roth.
Music snobs prefer Hagar, fans prefer Roth.
Same with Vince/John.

Misunderstood is a great song lyrically and musically! | Reviewer: MM | 9/2/10

This is an amazing song and John Corabi does a good job of singing. I respect the opinion that Corabi wasn't a "good" singer, even though I think he was, but I disagree about Vince. I love Motley Crue and Vince works well as a front man, but objectively speaking, he is the weakest link of the band. Even Nikki and Mick didn't think he was a great singer when they first saw him perform, and his subsequent singing on Motley records indicates that while his singing worked for the band, it wasn't all that good of a voice. I mean really, the guy's voice is thin and his range has generally been limited over the years. I'm not trying to slam him because I'm a fan, but I listen to them objectively and think that the others had strong talent in the area of song writing, lyrical contributions, and performing of instruments, whereas Vince could only sing (not that singing is an easy feat). Vince really shined on "Generation Swine" because he was finally ready (and willing) to sing songs designed for Crab who left before him, and it shows that he COULD sing. Yet, after the two songs released on "Greatest Hits" in 1999 (including "Enslaved" and "Bitter Pill"), Vince returned to singing in his old style, which is unfortunate. Just listen to "Enslaved" or "Bitter Pill" and one can appreciate his vocal range on the song.

Lastly, I can relate to this song lyrically. I think it's Nikki describing how he came to be as an adult as a result of his childhood. It's rather sad really, though at least he made a lot of money in the process. I wish I could make a lot of money and have the things that rock stardom brings to make up for the things that screwed my life up!

Nevertheless, this is just a great song.

the irony | Reviewer: sydonia | 9/1/10

Wow look how many comments this song has! people say they prefer Vince (as I do) but no other motley crue song gets this many comments on this lyric site, so it just shows how ironic it is considering everyone dislikes Corabi yet this is one of the most popular crue songs on Sing365!

Dont hate Corabi | Reviewer: Dylan Johnson | 3/11/09

Ok granted Corabi cant sing like Vince...but there is no way Vince could ever pull off what Corabi did. corabi is a great singer and Motley Crue was a great album, but it wasnt a great Motley album. For Motley Vince is the better singer, but Corabi is still amazing.

John Corabi is just as good... | Reviewer: Gunnar | 12/19/08

John Corabi was a pretty sweet singer when he was the lead singer for the band. I'll agree that Vince is the better singer, but both John and Vince are awesome! I don't know what people have against Corabi, but whatever, your opinion!

good but not great | Reviewer: graeham | 10/12/08

it is good lyrically but singing sucked i would have loved vince to sing this song he is one of my favourite songers ever and john corabi cant do anything right he only recorded one album with motley and the singing it flat out sucked vince is no doubt a great singer for nikki's lyrics

good but not great | Reviewer: graeham | 10/12/08

ok this song is good but vince neil is the best singer for nikki sixx's lyrics and it has been proven with dr.feelgood and girls,girls,girls there two most sold records and john corabi cant sing at all in my opinion so motley,keep rocking with vince

Sue me, but... | Reviewer: not_conVINCEd | 3/28/08

...sonically, musically, and lyrically, I think it's their best album by far. Finally got rid of the old hair spray attitude. Too bad it didn't sell well - they should have stuck with John Corabi.

sue me, but... | Reviewer: not_conVINCEd | 3/28/08

...sonically, musically and lyrically I think it's their best album by far. Finally got rid of the old hair spray attitude. Too bad it didn't sell well - they should have stuck with John Corabi.

no shit | Reviewer: tom | 8/1/07

this song and Hooligans holiday are the two best songs off of the album with Crab.
and for jessie, man theres no such thing as "real motley crue" man, just like theres no "real" type of music or band. crab was perfect for where they were at this point of their careers and you cant be hating just because its a different singer than what is "normal" and "expected" of a band.
oh and sure, vince was hot, now hes just fat. still talented, but a bit to much like a whale, you gotta wonder where the hell Jonah's at and if hes been eaten yet. haha.

Real motley crue rocks! | Reviewer: Jessie | 2/15/07

I absolutely do NOT like John Corabi, I dont think its "real" motley crue, but this song is really good. Vince Neil is where its at! hes SOOO sexy!

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