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John Waite Missing You Lyrics

Last updated: 08/04/2014 05:47:49 AM

(John Waite/Mark Leonard/Charles Sanford)

Every time I think of you
I always catch my breath
And I’m still standing here
And you’re miles away
And I'm wondering why you left
And there’s a storm that’s raging
Through my frozen heart tonight

I hear your name, in certain circles
And it always makes me smile
I spend my time,thinking about you
And it’s almost driving me wild
And there's a heart that’s breaking
Down this long distance line tonight

I ain’t missing you at all
Since you’ve been gone, away
I ain’t missing you
No matter, what I might say

There’s a message, in the wires
And I’m sending you this signal tonight
You don’t know, how desperate I’ve become
And it looks like I’m losing this fight
In your world I have no meaning
Though Im trying hard to understand
And it's my heart that’s breaking
Down this long distance line tonight

I ain’t missing you at all
Since you’ve been gone, away
I ain’t missing you
No matter, what my friends say

And there’s a message that I’m sending out
Like a telegraph to your soul
And if I can’t bridge this distance
Stop this heartbreak overload

I ain’t missing you at all
Since you’ve been gone, away
I ain’t missing you
No matter, what my friends say
I ain’t missing you, I aint missing you
I can lie to myself
And there's a storm that's raging
Through my frozen heart tonight
I aint missing you at all
Since you’ve been gone, away
I ain’t missing you,
No matter, what my friends say
Aint missing you
I ain’t missing you, I aint missing you
I can lie to myself
I ain’t missing you
I aint missing you

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Suman rana i belong to none bcz i belong to everyone | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/4/14

Lordy Song is saying better than us.i am missing you at all."I AM WONDERING WHY YOU LEFT? :-( IN YOUR WORLD I HAVE NO MEANING I AM MISSING YOU."i belong to none bcz i belong to everyone" ERIC BURDON

Lordy stop this heart break | Reviewer: Suman rana | 8/4/14

Lordy she has gone.we meet in dreamer's street ktm.she was from lost angel street.after 3yrs she move to her place.she never came hu hu... I am missing...i can lie to hu hu.. I am missing you... I am a dreamer i dream my life away.. Hu hu hu "Two heart meeting in two seperate word.." lordy i am wondering why you left me..

i belong to none bcz i belong to everyone | Reviewer: Suman rana | 8/4/14

Lordy Song is saying better than me.i am missing you at all."I AM WONDERING WHY YOU LEFT? :-( IN YOUR WORLD I HAVE NO MEANING I AM MISSING YOU.;-( "i belong to none bcz i belong to everyone" ERIC BURDON.and there's a storm that's raging through my frozen heart hu i love you stop this heart break

A sound track of my relationship with her. | Reviewer: WillsTLBU | 12/26/12

We come from different countries and met each other when we got scholarship and studied in the same class and live in the same building in a private University in South Korea for two years.
We fell so much in love, not to mention I was her first. She was head of the class we studied, and therefore super busy. So, we didn't really have much chance to talk or go hang out in Seoul anytime as we want. We mostly chat on MSN and when she's free, we went out. She was such a complete sweetheart, sweet and soft! Her responsibilities consumed too much of her time and feeling. I understood this but sometimes it was too much and I could not help it; we fought each other from time to time but through MSN conversation. It was really bittersweet and f**-up! Those time we fought, I happened to listen to this song and came to like it so that every time we fought, I would turn to this song non-stop for as long as until we were done fighting and go back to our respective dormitory.
We have finished our study there for more than a year now, meaning that we have been apart for such along period ever since. Now she's a lawyer in her country China and me lawyer in my hometown Cambodia. I recently discovered from her roommate that she has moved on with a nice IT guy and maybe that's why she no longer online on MSN and dn even reply my messages and emails. She tries to get over me. That's ok. I have to turn to this song again and , from this time on, maybe for an ever stronger implication. She's gone. I hope she makes a happy family with the IT guy. This really sucks but I have all but wishing her all the best.
You guys have a great story for ur own here with this song, so let me share mine too. :(

Missing you ! | Reviewer: Miriam | 6/14/11

I love this song, I just broke up with my bf after a 3 year relationship, he just text me and told me he need some time-for him self, and wanted no contact with me, its been one month and I have not heard from him.. I have a feeling he has moved on and met someone else. I have never loved any man like I loved him..I really belived in my heart taht we were soulmates and he always told me that. He hurt my heart so much.
listening to this song brings tears to my eyes and pain in my heart. but I love it. I know I'll pick up the pieces and move on. its his lost.

Letting go... | Reviewer: Brit | 4/10/11

This song reminds me of an online relationship i've been having for a while now, but it's over. It started when i was atleast 16, and my online boyfriend was 18. We were like baked beans in a crock pot, always together, talking, texting..always thinking of eachother. I have to admit, he was the only guy i loved through a distance. But we also had complications, which shook unnatural feelings. We were going out for a year, before i finally stopped wanting to have any connections with him, for his attitude, and bi-polar behavior. We were split for a while, and i experienced alot about life, which made me who i am today. Some months after we were broken-up, he wanted to re-connect with me over Yahoo in 2010, so i felt estatic. I didn't think he wanted to talk to me ever again, so i fell bait to his fishing line. I must admit, it was the best reunion i could have thought, even it was online, and texting. He was so special..and caring, but for the most part, he had changed. Since then, and it's now 2011 April, we were so inlove, went through so much, and talked about things we never did before. We matured. However, my attitude and sometimes bitchy mood-swings got in the way, leaving me to treat him like shit. Altogether, we were together for 3 years, this online long distance relationship, texting...but we never talked on the phone. I wanted to..he didn't, which i think would have helped our relationship. And from this day im typeing this, he haven't talked to me in 4 days. Haven't left me any messages at all, just stopped like cold turkey, and i know nothing is wrong, which hurt me alittle. I was pissed, so i deleted his number. We had so much planned, but this time...i think it's really over. I don't know anything at all. But everytime i listen to this song, it reminds me of him, which sometime bring tears to my eyes. It fits what i feel when i think of him. Sometimes i wonder what happened...if it was my fault....or if he just moved on..i'll never know i guess.

excellant | Reviewer: Francis | 11/13/10

Always loved the song and the feeling and the sarcasm like he is trying to change his own mind. But now it has even more meaning since the loss of my wife, almost two years since her passing and this song just makes me miss her all the more. John's is the only version, no other will do. They are good, but his is excellent.

One of the Best | Reviewer: JP | 1/20/10

A friend/co-worker of mine told me about this song. If I'd heard it back when it was out I don't remember it. But it IS a great song. So much to interpret in the can fit anybody. Love it and listen to it and it reminds me of her evertime I hear it.

The soundtrack to my life. | Reviewer: Rosie H.Weinstein | 11/26/09

This 80s chart topper by my favorite male rocker in the world is indeed the soudtrack to my life. My parents got divorced when I was a little girl mind you guys I am 31 and from NYC I can relate to John's pain and suffering and yeah he broke his wrist and a pay phone no less in the video that is a double whammy ow. Fast Forward 25 years later this song has another meaning to me in the early 90s's my then boyfriend Glenn Sussman(biggest a***** on the planet) and his sister Jacklyn a.k.a. Jackie The Junkie put me through torture. He and I ended bitterly in the summer of 2000. His sister and I haven't spoken since 1991 because she's a cold blooded bitch and a disgrace to all Jewish females out there.Because she's a druggie sadly she's not getting treatment at all and still shooting up heroin. So as you can see I ain't missing these people at all.

Missing you | Reviewer: Amber | 1/30/07

I completely agree. Her voice just does nothing for this song at all. I love it when John Waite sings this song. But to be honest Ill love this song no matter who does it.

MISSING YOU | Reviewer: MATTIE | 3/9/06