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You stole my pure intentions
You are the sickness in between
Let me in, I’ll bury the pain

You taught me to be sad as you
You almost made me take it all
Let me in, I’ll bury the pain

You bend me and you shake me
You beg me then you break me
Let me in, I’ll bury the pain

You made me feel like a sinner
You fear you’ll die alone
Let me in, I’ll bury the pain

The sickness that you are
A plague that made me starve
Do you think you can show me
How I come this far?

The sickness that you are
A plague that made me starve
Do you think you can show me
How I come this far?

I feel it’s taking over
And everything falls dark
Break me open, the desperate cry

The sickness that you are
A plague that made me starve
Do you think you can show me
How I come this far?

The sickness that you are
A plague that made me starve
Do you think you can show me
How I come this far?

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Wow | Reviewer: Pwney | 9/23/09

I don't understand people who dislike this song just because it doesn't really fit with the usual type of music In Flames play.
Opposite it shows the amazing talent and diversity of this group... Enjoy the song for itself, not for who is the autor. (Remember "nothing else matters" of MetallicA)

from ontario | Reviewer: callum Haslam | 6/25/09

in flames has a ridiculous diversity of music styles. i mean when i heard man made god (if you havnt heard it go listen to it by the way) i was completely energized and immersed in the lyricless song. now that ive heard this one i

beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/26/09

this song is beautiful.. theres not really another word to descibe it, the music, the lyrics, everything.. my boyfriend played it for me for the first time 2 weeks ago, and i fell in love it then as much as i fell in love with him. This song speaks to you, you understand the lyrics because no matter how tough anyone is you kinda have felt like that at some point. Who cares if its not like typical in flames stuff.. It just shows their incredible range. Beautiful band, beautiful song..

engulfed | Reviewer: Roj | 3/15/09

I was sitting here quietly slowly going insane inside my head about everything that had happened in the last week, then this song came on random, it completely surrounded me. I felt soothed, pitied and completely empty at the same time... it's very hard to explain, but I feel so much better for it. This song is incredible, and I don't have the words to tell you why.

This song is amazing | Reviewer: Bro | 1/1/09

I love this song so much, it made me cry. Im a 17 year old kid, and i consider myself mentally tough. I listened to it at night and i was just freaking spoke to me, i love the instrumentals and the amazing lyrics...i love the violin and girlfriend is in to rap and i showed her this and she was obssessing over it

In Flames | Reviewer: John | 11/1/08

this is one of the first songs i have herd of them at first i thought this was no way In Flames but then i realized how much this song has a meaning, i don't listen to heavy stuff that much any more cause i have made a transition into more reggae, but back to the point it is one of the best songs i have herd in a while i give it 2 thumbs up. Also this is the first song i choose to listen to them from the album

amazing | Reviewer: Deathreat Clothing | 10/21/08

this song is simply amazing....

my mom was in critical condition in ICU with a brain anurism in 2004 for 11 days....they couldn't find it, and weren't sure if she was going to make it or not....i found this song during those 11 days and it saved my sanity....i would listen to it OVER AND OVER again, i thought i was going to wear out my cd.....

something about this song just put me at ease and really helped me to deal with the situation i was in at the time.....everytime i listen to it now, i almost start to cry and want to change the track because it reminds me of how close to losing my mom i was...but i don't change it, i keep it on and listen to it all the way through because it also reminds me of how strong she was in being able to pull through her struggle and make a full recovery....

metaphor | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/4/08

About 2 nights ago, I laid in bed and listened to this song for the very first song. I didn't think it was In Flames at first.
But when Anders started to sing, I knew the lyrics right away. The song is so deep and I started to cry right away. I listened to it 3 times and my pillow was soaked wet. I really don't know what happened to me, but something entered my body and mind and it gave me a warm feeling and my tears just fell down. Tears of happiness. Later on I feeled relieved. Like a weight was lifted off my shoulder.


From Spain | Reviewer: Juan | 5/21/08

this songs make you feel like if you were dying slowly and suddenly rebirth, is awesome how a band like in flammes can make thi kind of music, i mean its just a lesson of compose a different style in his own music, just great.

metaphor | Reviewer: Neoo | 3/5/08

I just love this song, it makes me feel happy and sad at the same time. but the lyrics is just so wounderful. one of the best song ive heard in a long time, as many of thier songs it got a nice sound and lyrics that is just so perfect.

excuse my bad english

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