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I'm on a roll, I'm on a roll
This time, I feel my luck could change
Kill me Sarah, kill me again with love
It's gonna be a glorious day

Pull me out of the aircrash
Pull me out of the lake
I'm your superhero
We are standing on the edge

The Head of State has called for me by name
But I don't have time for him
It's gonna be a glorious day
I feel my luck could change

Pull me out of the aircrash
Pull me out of the wake
I'm your superhero
We are standing on the edge

We are standing on the edge

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Denial | Reviewer: Jannaha | 12/1/12

It's self delusions. Trying to deny the truth, boosting his ego a bit by cheerful lies, not wanting to accept that the world is just a dark hopeless place, and it's heading downwards...because he's on the edge of totally breaking, so denial was his last hope.

Me thinks...

gwbush could be right !! | Reviewer: on a roll !! | 8/8/11

who knows?

maybe gwbush's story is true !?!?

i larfed so fkn' hard a minute ago when i heard yorke sing (on the 1993 maida vale recording) "i'm on a roll..."

i visualised him standing on a roll!

any external links to corroborate this story?

regardless, a great story, well told!

Just my luck | Reviewer: Pru | 6/10/11

This song, is so true. There have been so many days when I woke up and thought 'Im not going to listen to those people today' or, 'for once, everything will go to plan'. The feeling doesn't last long. To me, this song sounds like he's lying to himself, trying to cheer himself up. Tyring to cheer me up.
I think, my luck could change.

it's not that deep | Reviewer: gwbush | 6/1/11

I knew Thom back in the day. As teenagers, he dated Sarah Bloomwood (hi Sarah) whilst I was enamoured with her sister Betta. Sarah was quite the delusional baker; this likely arose from her being quite hot, and no one wishing to tell her the truth.

Sarah would bake the worst bread rolls this side of Brighton. Really, really awful. After a few pints, we'd gather around Tork (his nickname then) and he would attempt to stand on one of her rolls without breaking it or toppling himself. He was never able to accomplish this goal...until one day...

We looked up from our bong and there was Tork, one foot on the roll, the other out the side, arms splayed, eyes closed, a smile from one ear to the next. The song is simply about him surviving that one day, that one roll, not falling off, telling gawd (the Head of State) that he wasn't taking Tork that day, that unnaturally heavy biscuits be damned he was a survivor.

Sarah broke up with him that night, but I still have one of her biscuits from that night...still rock-hard, still a reminder of a warmer, fun-filled Tork.

THE HELP ALBUM | Reviewer: abc | 2/23/11

That comment about the help album...clearly wrong..its pretty obvious radiohead wrote this song for OKC. Just cause it was released prior doesn't mean anything. Even thoo radiohead doesn't consider it a concept album OKC the album does follow a general concept and its not about children of war.

misheard | Reviewer: A Nonny Moose | 10/12/10

I still prefer the lyrics I misheard, which is instead of 'cause I'm your superhero, we're standing on the edge', 'I'm on your side, but I'm standing on the edge'. would make the rest of the song really clear- could be love, some bad moments that she leaves to linger instead of 'pulling him out', and this tears him between liking her and feeling like he should back off.

Irony? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/7/10

Well, it's not exactly cheerful is it? You don't write songs of great joy in minor keys. In fact, it's absolutely miserable. Fantastically miserable, but miserable nonetheless.

So there is perhaps hope, but it is deeply ambivalent. "I'm on a roll this time / I feel my luck could change". The starting point is that of unluckiness. The song seems to suggest self-delusion, a vague attempt at ego boosting. When Yorke sings for the second time "It's going to be a glorious day" it sounds like a cry of agony. Compare and contrast (as they say) The Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Christ I'm a sidewinder / I'm a California King" (Parallel Universe) which sounds like absolutely coke-induced self-belief, with Yorke's "I'm a superhero" which harks back to "I'm a creep / I'm a wierdo" (Creep) - conveying the exact opposite.

"Standing on the edge" conjures up images of standing on the edge of an abyss, rather than standing on the edge of greatness, but the two ideas are implied. It could go either way, but will probably go tits-up. That would fit with the general tenor of Yorke's lyrics.

I would suggest the plane crash as being a metaphor for the wreck of the singer's life. Maybe Sarah is going to turn it around - but she probably won't.

For the reviewer who sees hints of David Glimour in the guitar, I don't know, but I was struck by the drumming in Exit Music (for a Film) which is pure Nick Mason. Rarely have I heard a drummer sound as much like him. So maybe there are Pink Floyd influences. God knows the Floyd are depressing enough.

Kill me Sarah | Reviewer: Hasan | 1/18/10

"Kill me sarah,
kill me again with love."

This I believe is referring to Sarah "killing" him, means changing him from hid old self.... That her love destroyed the miserable him and changed him to a more happy him...

Its about love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/28/09

He's had bad experiences for a long time, perhaps all his life. Finally he is feeling good, great!, on top of the world even, and why? because of Sarah, and the incredible high her she gives him. She makes him feel good about himself, like a " superhero", he does not ever want it to stop, "kill me sarah, again with love" he wants her love to be the last thing he ever feels. The plain crash and "lake" he is obviously sinking into represent that terrible state of his life before Sarah comes along to pull him out. Not even the head of state calling him by name could take his attention off of her. He feels he is " Standing on the edge" of a great change in his life and Luck with Sarah, and is hesitant to leave her side.

The Help album / Video should explain the significance | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/17/09

No, no the Beatles album, although Paul McCartney does play a role in this one too. The Help Album is a 1995 charity album devoted to the War Child charity's aid efforts in war-stricken areas, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina. It features many then-popular British and Irish artists, and spawned the follow-up albums 1 Love (2002), Help!: A Day in the Life (2005) and War Child Presents Heroes (2009).

Radiohead's contribution was the song Lucky and subsequently, the video, which is as deeply disturbing as it is powerful. Please note, RH put the song on OK Computer after the Help album. Lucky was solely created to raise awareness and charity for children of war. Incredible song.

As for the Sarah reference, who knows? Maybe it's a favorite name of Thom's.

Bring back the superhero in me | Reviewer: Lea Grove | 8/12/09

I agree a little with Linz: "Feels like his in the edge of a personal change that will alter his destiny".

I think the song is about doubt. Of life and love, and what turn to take. Being in a rolling uncontrolable state where you want help before you burn yourself.

And because he is restless he want to be a superhero because then he makes no wrong decisions.

Sorry for bad english, I tried my best ;)

Hugs Lea

Superhero | Reviewer: cartman | 7/10/09

This song is about a good dream about being a superhero. It seems this person has been having dreams about "Sarah" for sometime, and is extremely happy to be dreaming about something different. Those "Sarah" dreams are of her constantly ignoring him, but in this good dream he's so important that he's too busy to even help the "head-of-state." And even "Sarah" likes him now too! After he saves her from an airplane crash they stand on the lake romantically looking on...

He's lucky to have had a good dream for once, and it's gonna be a "glorious day" for once!

Near death encounters.. | Reviewer: A. | 3/1/09

I think this song particularly ties in with the theme of the first song in OKC (Airbag). It's about almost dying and what you feel when you come away from such an experience.

With Airbag, it is about almost dying in a car crash and realizing that there's so much that could be done with your life, while this song is clearly about almost dying (in a plane crash, but I think it's applicable to any disaster someone might find himself in and come out smelling like roses), and just wanting to enjoy life and love because we are all on borrowed time. There's a feeling of being on top of the world, that you're invincible, that you want to ride the high of surviving some so terrible.

I think "Kill me with your love," describes how someone would act when a close friend or family member just came away from a near-death experience.

"We are standing on the edge", has at least two meanings...he is standing on the edge of the lake, ostensibly looking at the scene of destruction, and he feels like he is standing on the edge between life and death, and he feels lucky to be alive.

This has nothing to do with politics at all. The reference to the head of state calling him probably has to do with the speaker making a implicit statement about what is important to him. If you survived a plane crash, I'm sure the last thing on your mind would be answering a phone call from the President/Prime Minister/Chancellor/Chairman/Whatever.

To end, I think some people read too much into some of Radiohead's lyrics. A lot of things simply are what they are.

Lucky | Reviewer: Linz | 1/14/09

Feels like his in the edge of a personal change that will alter his destiny. To me that’s why he compares his feelings to the anxiety of a gambler in a dice roll and why he feels that’s more important for his life now than a call from the head of state.

Song suggests that love is making that change, killing the old character, or at least his/her old concepts. Latest reviewer had also a good take. Partially agree. But the saving/superhero part, to me, points to an unhealthy dependence between the couple. Sounds like both are betting their luck in each other, rather than themselves. But the song don’t lead to any resolution.

I don’t fell it like a happy song, but a hope song.

"Lucky" lyrics | Reviewer: Paul | 1/7/09

The speaker is someone whose luck has been changed by finding love. When he tells Sarah to "kill him again", he is referring to "la petite mort" (the little death), or the exhaustion after lovemaking. New-found love has rescued him from a life going nowhere (the aircrash; the lake). for the first time ever, he is the most important person in someone else's life--he "superhero".

Radiohead has called this a "happy" song, or "at least as happy as we're capable of performing".

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