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Paul Simon Love Lyrics

Last updated: 11/13/2007 10:00:00 AM

Cool me
Cool my fever high
Hold me when I cry
I need it so much
Makes you want to get down crawl like a beggar
For its touch
And all the while it's free as air
Like plants the medicine is everywhere


We crave it so badly
Makes you want to laugh out loud when you receive it
And gobble it like a candy

We think it's easy
Sometimes it's easy
But it's not easy
You're going to break down and cry
We're not important
We should be grateful
And if you're wondering why


The price that we pay
When evil walks the planet
And love is crushed like clay
The master races, the chosen people
The burning temple, the weeping cathedrals

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Help - from Baku/Azerbaijan | Reviewer: Aygun | 11/13/2007

Hi people! I'm from Azerbaijan (situated on the shore of Caspian Sea :-)) I'm searchin' 4 a song performed by Paul Simon in the movie "Indecent proposal" - the song lyrics are like this: "Our love is beautiful in everyway....and so on" Who can help me 2 find the name of this song? Pls help.