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Roy Orbison Love Hurts Lyrics

Last updated: 08/21/2014 05:19:05 PM

Boudleaux Bryant

Love hurts, Love scars
Love wounds, and marks any heart
Not tough or strong enough
To take a lot of pain, take a lot of pain
Love is like a cloud, holds a lot of rain
Love hurts......ooh, ooh love hurts

I'm young , I know, But even so
I know a thing or two, and I learned from you
I really learned a lot, really learned a lot
Love is like a stove, it burns you when it's hot
Love hurts......Ooh, ooh love hurts

Some fools rave of happiness
Blissfulness, togetherness
Some fools fool themselves I guess
They're not foolin' me

I know it isn't true , know it isn't true
Love is just a lie, made to make you blue
Love hurts......
Ooh, ooh love hurts,Ooh, ooh love hurts

I know it isn't true, I know it isn't true
Love is just a lie,Made to make you blue
Love hurts......
Ooh, ooh love hurts, Ooh, ooh love hurts

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From the heart | Reviewer: Pamela Alexander | 8/21/14

Love is pain and there are multiple meanings to express the heartache of a strong emotion. The lyrics clearly captures this experience and more. Many artists have recorded "Love Hurts" over the years from Roy Orbison to Emma Lou Harris and safe to be another smash hit in the future. Nicely done!