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Big Head Todd & the Monsters Love Betsy Lyrics

Last updated: 07/31/2011 11:00:00 AM

She left her father, been thirty years.
She drew some water, to dry his tears.
She said I'm sorry, I've been lonely. I need another ...

She crossed through deserts and rivers wide.
She walked through valleys and mountains high.
She crossed the seas, through storm and night
To find a lover ...

Love Betsy.
Somebody is going to love you some day.

She worked the night shift, to buy a dress.
She'd break her back. She'd look her best.
She'd sell her soul for tenderness.
But she's still waiting ...

Love Betsy.
Somebody is going to love you some day.

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Something to be proud of. | Reviewer: Drew Little | 7/28/11

Rolling Stone's "Best Songwriters" issue from a year or two ago screwed Todd Park Mohr over royally. The guy's only the best American songwriter since Bob Dylan. Let's just snub him! The man is a credit to 20th and 21st century rock and the whole band deserves Grammy awards.