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Layin' on my back
In the newly mown grass
Rain is coming down
But I know the clouds will pass
You bring me tea
Say "the babe's a-sleepin'"
Lay down beside me
Love ain't for keeping

Black ash from the foundry
Hangs like a hood
But the air is perfumed
By the burning firewood
The seeds are bursting
The spring is seeping
Lay down my darling
Love ain't for keeping
Lay down beside me
Love ain't for keeping

Lay down beside me
Love ain't for keeping
Lay down my darling
Love ain't for keeping

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alternate version | Reviewer: Aladinsane | 10/5/14

i Just heard a version of this on youtube "the who-Lifehouse (who's next) studio sessions, 1971" wow!!! this was one of my least favorite on the album (though i like it) listen to the youtube version, incredible!!!! i love this band and i've been listening to them for 40 years, still amazing.

Okay Wayne The Who are not one of the most over-rated bands, they're one of the most UNDER-rated. It seems to me like what we have here is a case of ignorance. "Who's Next" (seeing as it IS the most mainstream Who album) is probably the only Who album you've heard. I spend all of my time on The Who, I guess you could call me a "Whostorian" and I know much abuot them. They haven't NEARLY gotten the credit they deserve for their albums. Quadrophenia and Tommy are masterpieces that aren't nearly recongnized enough. A Quick One, My Generation, The Who By Numbers, Who Are You, Face Dances, It's Hard and Endless Wire are as well! Pete is the best composer of all time, and we all know it, the subjects of his songs arent just "petty love theme's". Love Aint For Keepin, along will all of Who's Next are all part of a way bigger picture called LIFEHOUSE, a whole rock opera Pete wrote that never went through, so when you say "its about love" you're wrong, its about a lot more. The next time you comment about something on The Who, please make sure you are educated on the matter. It would be much apreciated.

Seldom heard Gem | Reviewer: JKS | 11/15/12

Great album cut by one of my favorite bands. Catchy melody with infectious rhythm, tasty acoustic guitar playing. The rhythm section functions as a single machine, this from talented players who are known for being a bit over the top in their playing (but that's what I love about them), but they restrain themselves on this track.

Most of all this song has heart, which is the main quality I look for in any work of art.

This song could be put to video in any number of ways and would work great IMO.

check this out | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/2/11

Yeah this song is one of my favorites by The Who, check out the version on Odds and Sods remastered. It is one of the bonus tracks and its a little slower with a break in the middle, and a guitar solo that will make you thank Meher Baba.

Wayne wth? | Reviewer: Erin | 1/21/11

Ok, First off, John E.'s bass is so bloody perfect. Like Noel from Oasis said.."The bass line from my generation? well, if you could put that in words, thats what you'd put on your tombstone, innit?"

Kieth M. drums, so fast, so technical, so PHENOMINAL that it took a computer to actually show many of his single beats were multiple beats per (milli) second...and Pete and Roger? well they speak for themselves, don't they? They broke new ground and smashed old musical preconceptions with their albums. Before The mini opera and Tommy? Rock songs were 2 min. 2:50...and albums didn't tell a story...until the Who...You do not have to like the Who, but recognize the talent. To say that they are "one of the most overrated bands" makes me seriously question your musical taste

hey wayne | Reviewer: George | 8/13/10

Dear musically inept idiot/Wayne,
In what way are the who one of the most over rated rock groups. Was it the fact that they had one of the best guitarists, drummer, and bassist of all time in one band or that they produced great song after great song. And you could not be more wrong about "They did one decent album."
They had Tommy, Quadrophenia, the who sell out, Who's next, Who are you, and the who sing my generation as well as one of the greatest live albums of all time with the Live at Leeds album.
So do everyone a favor and never comment on anything related to music. Ever.

Love this song! | Reviewer: Wayne | 5/21/10

The Who alas is one of the most over rated of all rock groups. They did one decent album however, and I will not hesitate to say Who's Next is a masterpiece. This particular song is one of the least talked about and appreciated of the gems on Who's Next. This song is for couples. Love Ain't For Keeping is a song I will always keep.

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