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Styx Lorelei Lyrics

Last updated: 04/24/2012 11:00:00 AM

Written by Dennis DeYoung and James Young
Lead vocals by Dennis DeYoung

When I think of Lorelei my head turns all around
As gentle as a butterfly she moves without a sound
I call her on the telephone, she says be there by eight
Tonight's the night she's moving in and I can hardly wait

The way she moves, ooh-ooh
I gotta say
Lorelei let's live together
Brighter than the stars forever
Lorelei let's live together
Brighter than the stars forever

Her eyes become of Paradise, she softly speaks my name
She brightens every lonely night, no one's quite the same
She calls me on the telephone, she says be there by eight
Tonight's the night she's moving in, it's time to celebrate

The way she moves, ooh-ooh
I gotta say
Lorelei let's live together
Brighter than the stars forever
Lorelei let's live together
Brighter than the stars forever

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Get off Dennis' back! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/24/12

I cannot believe the comments written simply about the name of this song and the implication that this song is an insult to Dennis DeYoung's wife. I first heard this song at a Styx concert last year and immediately fell in love with the rocking beat. After a great marriage of 25 years, and as a person who does not condone moving in before marriage, just because I love the song does not mean I agree with the content. To think Dennis DeYoung wrote this disrespectfully against his wife is just ludicrice! He is an artist, and I am sure his wife realizes this. She probably loves the song like me. Maybe you guys offering comments have never been in a real loving and trusting relationship. All I can say is lighten up and just enjoy the song!

James Young was co-writer | Reviewer: Steve | 2/25/12

The first reviewer flipped out on Dennis DeYoung for writing this song to his mistress. Did the reviewer not notice that James Young co-wrote the song? Even if Dennis came up with the name, I'm sure it was due to it sounding cool or it fit the melody.

Also Laughing Out Loud | Reviewer: Lorelei | 4/8/11

Right back at the Southern Lorelei, ha ha :P My name is also Lorelei, and what's funny is that my mother literally RAISED me on this song! I have memories of being three and four and five years old and this song would be blasting from the boombox, making me blush absolutely scarlet. :P I practically memorized the lyrics at that age, and when I first heard the song again in my teens after not hearing it for a very long time, I was singing along like I'd been listening to it everyday! :D GO LORELEI!

Rock song about a rock, perhaps? | Reviewer: LM | 6/30/10

I've actually heard the song is in reference to the Lorelei, a rock on the eastern bank of the Rhine River in Germany. Although, if it is, I don't really understand the parallel, other than that Lorelei is one of the Rhine maidens.

Seriously? | Reviewer: Kendra | 3/27/10

What's the big deal about a song about a woman named Lorelei? If DDY wrote all his songs about Susan, it would be boring and monotonous. Besides, if he was cheating on his wife, why the hell would he write a song about it that would be on albums and tours and more? He knows his wife hears all of his music, and she's probably okay with him using interesting names!

Cmon... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/23/09

Alright boys and girls,does this really matter?It's an awesome song!It kicks ass!I almost felt the butterflies in my stomach and I'm jumping in my room like a march-hare when listening to it!Does it really matter if the Lorelei this song refers to,is real or not?Take it and idolize in your minds the perfect woman!Then,like men,worship her!Haven't you ever read Jack London's Star Rover?
Am I the only guy who's in love with so many women?
You can do it!Worship the ideal Lorelei that you have in your hearts!

Simple | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/8/09

Maybe its just a name that fits into the song. Like how Bruce Springsteen writes about all theses different chicks but most of them are fictional. He may have just came up with the tune and "Susan" didn't fit into the melody. It might be just that simple :o

LOL | Reviewer: Lorelei | 1/28/09

My name is actually Lorelei, and I read the review for this song, and it was absolutely hilarious. Thank you. Also, I am not the woman he was writing to, and not all Loreleis are from the South. Anyway... THAT BASTARD!

UUUGGGGHHHH! | Reviewer: Master | 12/29/08

Who the hell is Lorelei?

Now I did the research--I fucking read the marriage certificate, hell I saw the lady-Dennis Deyoung is married, was married when he wrote this song, and up to about 6 years before he wrote it, so who the hell is lorelei? I want to know! Does Susan Deyong know about her? She has to, the song still gets on the radio. Does she know Dennis wrote it? SUSAN! DENNIS WROTE LORELEI! It won't J.Y., It won't Curulewski, It won't Panozo--Panozo's Gay! Yeah I said it, you learn crazy shit researching STYX, yeah Panozo is freaking gay, I know, I'm shocked too, that's why they didn't let his ass write any songs probably, but for real, Dennis, Dennis, why? You were my hero, I idolized you, and You betrayed me! Asshole: Babe, Lady, all lies. LIES! Yeah that's a song too, and you wrote it about yourself, asshole! Southern Woman too, don't play it off, I know what you doin' Dennis, I know your ass! Your ass wrote Jennifer from Crystal Ball too, Shame, SHAME! I'll get you in hell Dennis!

I'm coming for you Dennis. Ain't no one in hell can save you now, boy!