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Alexisonfire Little Girls Pointing And Laughing Lyrics

Last updated: 06/30/2010 11:00:00 AM

(We can't)
I still can
(Stop now)
Remember what you did.
Your eyes filled
(We've got)
(To slow down)
Bare foot in a public washroom.

Spill on me your nostalgia
And cataracts...
That fell
Behind self-concious eyes.

Warm water made
(Please just give me back my heart)
This hurt so good
(Well it's been too long)
Through ivory rain
(And I will burn no more)
And cutthroat soap box derby racers

(Oh God. Hurt so fucking good. i just want you to fucking wreck me. i want you to wreck me. i want you to ruin me.)

I want you to ruin me.
(Please just give me back my heart)
Ruin me.
(Well it's been too long)
I. Want. You. To... ruin me.
(And I will burn no more)
(Tired of all these lies)
I. Want you. To ruin me.
(And elsewhere eyes of yours)
Ruin me.
(So I will scream)
I want you to...
(And dream of what's to come)
Ruin me.

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Their best. | Reviewer: Marie | 6/25/10

From the first time I heard this songs - years ago - I've been in love. George's screaming interlaced with Dallas' singing, and THEN combine the amazing instrumental? Like, fuck me, this IS their best song to me, hands down. I love this Alexis; so damn raw and just with the attitude and mindset of 'fuck it I'm going for it, do or die'.
This song is one of the reasons that they are boss.

wow <3 | Reviewer: HOLYGOD | 2/6/10

I can't stop listening to this...the lyrics are BEAUTIFUL. People say they don't like Alexisonfire because of the screaming but that completely made this song and showed the raw emotion...

My favorite part is definetely the last lyrics.

sex | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/22/07

so good. lol. i thought the lyrics were totally diferent. i kept singing. we care toooo much. LOL. what an idoit. but omg. love these guys so much. they were so good when they came 2 nz.

<3 aof

little girls pointing and laughing | Reviewer: grace | 10/14/07

i love this song, it was one of the first songs i downloaded after i was introduced to alexisonfire. I can relate so much to this, and even though it isnt my favourite, i'll never tire of it. It is really emotional and deep, AOF should be proud.

idiot | Reviewer: nicole | 8/7/07

aof freak is an idiot, who the hell is george logan? its george petit

wow | Reviewer: Taylor | 6/18/07

okay i hadnt heard the song but seeing as it got such good reviews i downloaded it and its incrediable. i mean when your reading the lyrics it doesnt seem like much but put to music it'll blow you away. AOF rock

OMG WOW | Reviewer: kirkmeister182 | 6/18/07

little girls pointing and laughing is such an amazing song. i really cant seem to get it out of my head. i have never connected with a band as much as this one. i feel so much emotion running through me when i hear this one particular song. pure genius, so is the rest of this album. in fact, all the albums are amazing, well done alexisonfire :]

little girls pointing and laughing | Reviewer: J | 4/22/06

this is the only song i have ever heard that i just cant seem to get tired of. the lyrics are brilliant, the vocals are amazing, the instrumentals are amazing, its basically just an amazing song. Best AOF song ever, and thats saying something.

wow | Reviewer: jessica | 6/26/05

From the first time I heard this song I feel in love with it. The lyrics are just brilliant and the instrumental backing is no less than amazing. I recommend buying Alexisonfire's self titled album as not only does it have this song on it, but containes 10 more equally worthy tunes that are simply just a must hear.

Little Girls Pointing And Laughing | Reviewer: aof freakk | 5/23/05

This song is so awesome..when I heard it I kept listening to it overrr and overrr...I reccomend downloading this song and putting it on your mp3 player. It's not too fast but not too slow and I love the guitars in it. Dallas Green and George Logan's vocals blend together perfectly.