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Beyonce Knowles Listen Lyrics

Last updated: 11/24/2010 10:00:00 AM

to the song hear in my heart
I started fine.
But it can not do.

To hear the voice of the heart.
This is just the beginning.

The time is ripe.
I heard the dream.
This does not exclude.
Now listening to ....

I was the only one off-putting.
My home is not at home.
We are a part of my head.
You need to know this.
Oh, if you think.
I do not know how I feel.
I first of all my.
In addition to the sound.
You can give me.
.. But search.

To listen to.
I think some people have been killed.

Oh, no, I hear you cry dream.
May not be the new edge.
So you do not.
Listen ...


I do not know.
But I hope.
If there is no .....
If there is no .....

Hear !!!...
This will be the order of my songs.
I started fine.
But the completion.

Oh, if you think.
I do not know how I feel.
I first of all my.
Note that I believe that.
.. But search.
Love ...

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COOLEST SONG | Reviewer: Nawire Brendah | 3/23/10

This is one of my biggest songs,ilove that song so much that i want to hear it all the time,Beyonce did a very good job.Her voice comes out very naturally and it proves that she has a good voice and she is trully a Diva.Beyonce i love you keep the fire burning

B YOU'RE A TRUE DIVA | Reviewer: jennifer | 11/10/09

i love the music listen,and all the messages in them are clear for everyone to put in their life. i
believe we all have our own experiences and beyonce has put things straight go baby you're a true diva. I LOVE YOU,

Very beautiful | Reviewer: CHIOMA | 7/23/09

Wen i first heard d song in d d movie'DREAM GIRLS' i fell in luv wit it,not bcos 'B' is my bst female hip pop artist, but d song is so touching n her beautiful voice.go girl u r makin ur fans proud.

Confindent | Reviewer: Vicki | 6/9/09

I love this song, it gave me back me..I was able to stand up to my then boyfriend and take the shades off and reintroduce myself back to him. Know I use it in female workshops and to my friends going through. You have a voice use it. You are not playdough for him or anyone to mold you the way they want when they see fit. Listen

hmmmmmm..... | Reviewer: jenna | 5/10/09

this song is my ispiration cause by this song i became a best singer at our scool up diliman....

i started singing this at our christmas party...then after that i have committed an award......then i love this song

Truthful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/11/08

heya. as a vocal student in high school, i find it hard to find songs that i feel trully have feeling. after buying beyonces cd, this was the one song that stood out the most. It has such raw emotion and such honesty. i love it

Wake up | Reviewer: Julian | 1/23/08

This song was the one that made me see that even the strong can be abused even though you try as hard as you can to do right by your mate. Thank You Beyonce, This could not have been Done better!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Listen | Reviewer: Jonas Buljatin | 1/3/08

This song is I like most. I totally inspired because of the meaning on especially when beyonce sing this song... Regards to Beyonce she's my idol... The best singer.

Singing | Reviewer: Jenette | 1/1/08

I saw the movie dream girls and i loved this song so i got the lyrics and i sung it and my parents heard me singing it and now i might get a record deal! thanks beyonce!

Uplifting | Reviewer: Janet | 12/26/07

I found this song to be a great inspiration. I myself am with someone that is so blind when it comes to me and ou relationship. It gave me hope and spoke to me. I love the song. It actually made me stand up for myself which I was afraid to do before. Thanx Beyonce for the great song.