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Queen Lily Of The Valley Lyrics

Last updated: 03/31/2013 08:55:45 AM

Words and music by Freddie Mercury

Baby you've been had

I am forever searching high and low
But why does everybody tell me no
Neptune of the seas an answer for me please
The lily of the valley doesn't know

I lie and wait with open eyes
I carry on thru' stormy skies
I follow ev'ry course my kingdom for a horse
But each time I grow old
Serpent of the Nile relieve me for a while
And cast me from your spell and let me go

Messenger from seven seas has flown
To tell the king of Rhye he's lost his throne
Wars will never cease
Is there time enough for peace?
The lily of the valley doesn't know

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Medley | Reviewer: Scott | 3/30/13

You all know that Lily of the Valley is the last song in a 60's - 70's style stream-of-conscience song medley. One of the best this side of Abbey Road.

Tenement Funster / Flick of the Wrist / Lily of the Vally is a mind blowing tour-de-force. Asking of one of these by itself is misses the emotionally integrated point of the whole. After the mindless rebellion and darkness of the first twe, Lily really shines.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/21/13

It's an AMAZING song, no matter how you interperate it. And I don't think "Carl" was too far off. Brian May even said the song was about Freddie's struggle with his sexuality so it is very possible that that is what the song is about. But like I said, beautiful no matter what!!!!

Mind Control | Reviewer: lillyli | 11/9/12

Please. Wake up. He speaks about the spell that all of the becoming stars are cast into. It´s of course about Illuminati. And
If you don´t have the facts everything is impossible to understand.

BRILLANT SONG | Reviewer: Shireen | 3/27/11

This is such a beautiful song. I don't think it's about AIDS because he wasn't diagnosed till much later. I think it's sad because it's his last song about Rhye. He's decided to stop writing about it, you see it's his last ever fantasy-themed song. He's saying farewell to Rhye.
Anyway, going deeply into the meaning doesn't matter, because its an amazing beautiful song and just enjoy it

Beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/18/11

I love this song, and I wish it wasn't so short. Not that I could personally figure out how to make a longer song out of it, but I'm sure they could have. I feel every time that it ends too soon, like a long-anticipated treat that is quickly gone. As for the meaning, I don't know why every song has to be autobiographical or even about anything real, as some people seem to feel. Especially in the 70s, a song could be about nothing at all, a made up world (as in this case) or a fairy tale... not the Freudian nonsense that dude below put up a couple of posts ago, picking the entire tiny song to bits.

stick to the meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/26/10

Interpretation of the song is not what you did. How can you put such literal sense to every line just judging by his biography (though I don't know how can you know such details about his personal life).
It's possible he meant something personal, but the song is unclear enough s owe can never tell.

For it me it seems this song is one of 'fantasy series' which mention Rhye, kingdoms etc. I don't know what he meant by them.

Lily Review | Reviewer: Carl | 9/30/10

Brilliant of course but you have to read it and understand it line by line and then it is perfectly understandable. I figured it out in 74. A masterpiece for sure. Freddie difficulty with being gay. Mary the love of his life, the Lily of the Valley doesn't know.

He is searching high and low. Neptune of the seas, the sea of humanity of men.

I lay away with open eyes, carry on through stormy skies, Freddie is upset and cant sleep at night.

He follows every course, in other words goes to all kind of places and situations for his gay pursuits. Each time I grow old is a great line. Each time I am Gay and am untrue to my lover of 7 years.

Serpent (penis) the Nile (the longest river in the world), satisfies him but he is torn because he loves his soul mate Mary Austin but he cant stop who he is.

Messenger of seven seas has flown to the the King he has lost his throne, Mary confronted a gay lover and he told Freddie it was over between them.

He has had fight with Mary on this subject, wars will never cease, time enough for peace. But Mary, the Lily of the Valley, doesn't know or in other words does not understand Freddie's sadness and maybe confusion at that point.

So unbelievably poetic for a song of just a min and a half! A masterpiece!

Of course Freddie left all his estate to Mary Austin for as he said she was the true love of his life, even though he was gay. A Shakespeare play if ever I read one!

Lily of the Valley= Mary Austin | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/4/10

One of my favourite songs of all time. Like already mentioned, it is about his childhood fantasy world with his sister Kashmira and not about his illnes, which he clearly did not have in the 1970s!!!! But it's also about growing up and facing reality. The Lily of the Valley is his then girlfriend and lifelong friend Mary Austin. As quoted by Brian May in their latest biography, "Lily of the Valley was utterly heartfelt. It's about looking at his girlfriend and realizing that his body needed to be somewhere else" (p43). He realises he's changed, but "the Lily of the Valley doesn't know". He's looking for an answer.

Heartfelt | Reviewer: Niloo | 12/9/09

This song touched my heart from the moment I heard it. This is so dreamy, mysterious and touching. It can bring me to tears easily! Oh God! Nothing else in this world can capture my heart like Freddie's voice. He's just amazing! An extraordinary person that I wasn't lucky to see him. because I was a baby when he left us. He'll live in my heart forever.

fnib | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/18/09

I always took it as him searching for SOMETHING, love perhaps-- its kinda reminescent of 'its a hard life' in some ways-- the reference to the king of rhye losing his throne I take as the carefree hope/innocence that life stays perfect is lost with being young and carefree-- which jives with the theme of having to face the world afterwards 'wars will never cease, is there time enough for peace' -- he likens himself to a lily (innocent) of the valley.

my kingdom for a horse, again, everything for someone/something/some connection worthwhile. Serpent of the nile = lust?

anyways, amazing song.

I love it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/25/09

This song is one of the songs about the land of Rhye. I read this was something he and Kashmira, his sister were imagining about in their childhood. Other Rhye-songs among others are The March of the Black Queen, My Fairy King, The Fairy Fellers Master Stroke and of course the Seven Seas of Rhye.

These lyrics are so distinct from others and I don't know why, but they just touch me so different.

lillies growing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/29/08

personally, i don't see the point of finding any particular meaning in this song in relation to Freddie's AIDs . What matters to me is that it is sooo beautiful. It just seems so articulate and eloquent in its, for want of a better word, sadness. Respect the art, not the meaning.

To Whirl also. | Reviewer: Jessi | 8/1/08

It isn't about Aids. The Seven Seas Of Rhye is about a land he made up when he was a child. Hence "The King of Rhye has lost his throne". He also mentions the King in many of his songs if you listen carefully. The King is most likely not Freddie.

Hmmn | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/12/08

i believe he wasnt diagnosed with Aids till like 1986. But yea this Song is Kickass.

This could be about his religion. he was raised as a Zoarastrian, and mabey he was like trying to find a new religion. JEsus was known as the lily of the valley

It could be about his love life as well. mabey he was trying to find a Lover which he called the lily of the valley

to whirl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/29/08

It doesn't make any sense as you say, this song was writen around 1974, when the World didn't even know AIDS... Why don't you just enjoy the songs and don't try to give them a sense they don't have?