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Rasheeda Lifestyle Lyrics

Last updated: 01/26/2011 11:00:00 AM

(feat. Gangsta Boo, Diamond & Princess of Crime Mob)


Do da motacycle (yea ah ha ha)
Do da motacycle (rasheeda)
Do da motacycle (aye Diamond, Princess, Gangsta boo!)

[Chorus: x2]
I'm checkin out yo lifestyle, o you a trojan.
I kno you hopin, that you get chosen.
I like 'em frozen, icy with da platnum.
I need a nigga with a gold package magnum.

[Verse 1:]
Aye sexy wetman you don't wan test me
Ride ya ass to sleep since you doin all dat flexin.
Magnum, XL
But I don't kiss an tell.
Cut a few rappers but it's cool cause thas my beness.
Hell Jeezy, T.I., Young Buck supa fly
Dope boyz from tha trap raise ya hands real high.
Lifestyle (uh uh)
Black package magnum.
Thicky Thick girlz in this jump shit super chrome.

Gold pack or tha black pimpin I can handle that.
We can do tha damn thang ye ain't gotta hold back.
Lam skin boy naw, it's like goin raw dawg.
Throw Rasheeda up mess around an kill all y'all.
I kno wat tha busness is XL, sensitive
Got me makin cut faces with dat heat sensation (naww).
Playa we ain't got no conversation
Less ya rockin platinum, or wear gold magnum.

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
Step up in to club niggaz choosin tryna get in my jeanz
I'm too cute fo you but yo fren can come teach me some things.
Fuck tha motion in tha ocean cause the niggaz gotta have a boat.
If his dick too small then shit will sink and it can never float.
I'm not tryna boast but tha shit like me??
Fuck a trogan
I need magnums really girls can't understand.
If you can't fulfill my needs then hit tha road I gotta go,
Rasheeda, Diamond, Princess, Booty tho we come back fo more.

(Yea)?... diamonds so sexy
I ain't even 18 and daddys wan date me.
But I rather stick ta pimpin with good grane grippin.
I'm a mat catch a quicky then I'm outtie
Yea won't doubt he bring this back.
Jus tha fact that I don't love 'em leads to trouble if he mean to me.
Gold package magnum with tha platinum cause I need a G.
This how it be, if you dare to fulfill all my fantasies
I have you on yo bended knee you fuckin with da baddest bitch.

[Chorus x2]

X L, Wrap it up
Den break a bitch off
Dats wassup.
Can you get to me right
Can you do it all night.
I ain't got time fo kids
I don't fuck with many men.

I don't eitha please believe it
If you small then I'm gon leave ya.
Princess needa thug to please her
Put it down an be my teacher.
Punish me but nicely
I'm sexy sweet an spicy.
Niggaz love me
But them hoes always wan fight me.

Yano I'm spicy
I like my niggaz icy.
They youngest out tha click
But they gi damn pricy.
I might be
Tha type chick ya wanna make ya wifey.
An Tyson
I'm sorry yo baby momma don't like me.

If you ain't sized up
Please get tha fuck up.
You be wastin all my time, I guess yo ass is outta luck
Diamonds up, now you stuck.
You ain't' a lifestyle.
Movin real fast, ain't goin no where
I guess you jus a while child.

[Chorus x2]

Do da motacycle