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Talking Heads Life During Wartime Lyrics

Last updated: 10/28/2012 08:25:52 AM

We are living a life full of circumstances that come through a lot of instances
Hated because I will make my own money or doz for I will be awake and never doze
A dozen of them come to me we can't just be interacting you and me
My conversation is what I know to inter prate and what suckers say I can't be able to interrelate
Love to chill with my friends with no regret and that shapeless woman you are boasting around with became yours after my reject
Always wearing the same underwear all the way through you saying with you effort you have made it through
Shapeless woman with shapeless figure and when you are together we can see all the features when you talk of counting figures
If am not wrong she has been married over twenty seven times
And you say to you she is you first love I will say to you first come first served for that lover of enrollment is at your service
Have been doing what I need getting a life and a couple of Gs but
You sucker you suck true
You sucker you suck
Another is in a category of nine and he or she says they are lovers and feel fine
While a portion of seven is made of haters you are as well prone to be a hater
Love to chill alone sometimes not alone loving my wife usually all alone
And if we have a minor conflict which neither of us was meant to inflict am forced to sleep on the floor that night please unless we compromise you can fill the rest of the list
But you you sleep on the carpet because you cannot risk to go to bed while your lover is with another lover instead of you who is he home head and you depend on your wife cause you are not capable of producing never the less
The last time your parents came to you house you were like the woman of the house
Because its hard to differentiate you and the woman at home
We can see you washing your woman dress and that to a male never impress you been sent here and there while you kind is sited and been shouted to that you are not good in bed
Let me stop there and leave the rest unless anyone request
Have been doing what I need getting a life and a couple of Gs but
You sucker you suck true
You sucker you suck Explain
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