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Uhh.. dear Mr. President
Whas happenin?
I'm writin you because, shit is still real fucked up in my neighborhood
Pretty much the same way, right around the time when you got elected
Ain't nothin changed
All the promises you made, before you got elected..
.. they ain't came true
***Me and my homies is wonderin'...what's goin on?

Tell me what to do, these niggaz actin up in the hood
Send mo' troops, dear Mr. President
(Me and my homies is wonderin what's goin on.. holla!)
Tell me what to do, these niggaz actin up in the hood
Send mo' troops..

Why should I lie, when I can dramatize?
Niggaz fell victim to my lyrics, now traumatized
Simply by spittin I've been blessed given riches, enemies suspicious
cause I'm seldom in the company of bitches
Plus the concepts I depict, so visual, that you can kiss
each and every trick or bitch, inside the shit I kick
My heaviest verse'll move a mountain
Casualties in mass amounts, brothers keep countin
Fuck the friendships, I ride alone
Destination Death Row, finally found a home
Plus all my homies wanna die, call it euthanasia
Dear Lord, look how sick this ghetto made us, sincerely
yours I'm a thug, the product of a broken home
Everybody's doped up, nigga what you smokin on?
Figure if we high they can train us
but then America fucked up and blamed us
I guess it's cause we black that we targets
My only fear is God, I spit that hard shit
In case you don't know, I let my pump go
Get ?ride for M'Thulu? like I ride for Geronimo
Down to die, for everything I represent
Meant every word, in my letter to the President

Dear Mr. President, tell me what to do
These niggaz actin up in the hood, send mo' troops
(What should I do?)
Dear Mr. President, tell me what to do
These niggaz actin up in the hood, send mo' troops

[E.D.I. Amin]
Oh youse a ball in the White House, I hope you comfortable
cause yo I spend my nights out, with the lights out
under the safety of darkness, amongst the crazed and the heartless
and young soul bros, ready to rode a starship
Launch it, leave a nigga flat for scratch, the Godless
I gotta get chips, but you can't understand that
Wanna ban rap? Stand back, before you get hurt
It's the only thing makin pay besides smoke and work
On a mission listen more chips my goal and position
First on my decision I realized the same nigga
Trippin to drastic measures tryin to get stacks of cheddar
Muh'fuckers hate cops, wait it ain't gettin better
But you keep, tellin us, that it is
while your motherfuckin troops keep killin our kids, dig
Don't be surprised if you see us
Dumpin with nuttin but artillery to free us, motherfucker

Dear Mr. President, tell me what to do
These niggaz actin up in the hood, send mo' troops
Dear Mr. President, tell me what to do
These niggaz actin up in the hood, send mo' troops

Strapped and angry, with no hope and heartbroke
Fightin first my trained brain until it's not so
It's hostile, niggaz lick shots to watch the glocks glow
Cadres of coppers patrol us like we some animals
And it ain't no peace, my peace a piece on my streets
to people beefin and things, squeakin on they beefs for weeks
Mr. President, it's evident, nobody really care
for a struggle out the gutter, twenty-two with gray hair
I was raised to raise hell, frail and my heart stale
So I'ma bring hell to earth until my heart fail
But y'all play fair, give me and mine, I'll share
Til y'all show us you care, it's gon' be mayhem out here
Me and these 223'sll freeze the biggest with ease
I'm still a nigga you fear, bring the beast to his knees
and I've been born to represent, for that I've been heaven sent
And I meant, every word, in my letter, to the President

Shit is still fucked up y'all
And y'all wonder when it's gon' get better
and it ain't gon' get better

Dear Mr. President, tell me what to do
These niggaz actin up in the hood, send mo' troops
Dear Mr. President, tell me what to do
These niggaz actin up..

Heavenly Father may I holla at you briefly
I wanna meet the President, but will he meet me?
He's scared to look inside the eyes of a Thug Nigga
We tired of bein scapegoats for this capitalistic drug dealin
How hypocritical is Liberty?
That blind bitch ain't never did shit for me
My history, full of casket and scars
My own black nation at war, whole family behind bars
And they wonder why we scarred, thirteen lookin hard
Sister had a baby as an adolescent, where was God?
Somewhere in the middle of my mind
is a nigga on the tightrope, screamin let him die
Can't lie I'm a thug, drownin in my own blood
Lookin for the reason that my momma's strung out on drugs
Down to die, for everything I represent
Meant every word, in my letter to the President

[Big Syke]
Blacks is broke, think it's a joke that we livin low?
Y'all sniffin blow and postin what they hittin fo'?
Tell the secretary it's necessary we get paid
Look what you made, little kids gettin sprayed
Day after day, and night after night
Battles and wars to the daylight
We might change and rearrange if you do somethin
Til then we gonna keep it comin, Mr. President
And I meant every word in my letter to the President

Word motherfuckin life
Fuck this nigga think?
Cuttin taxes, takin off welfare
We 'sposed to just sit here, go broke and die, starvin?
Motherfuckers crazier than a motherfuckin scout
Nigga this Thug Life, Westside Outlaw Immortalz nigga
We fin' to hustle til we come up

Dear Mr. President, tell me what to do
These niggaz actin up in the hood, send mo' troops
Dear Mr. President, tell me what to do
These niggaz actin up in the hood, send mo' troops
Dear Mr. President, tell me what to do
These niggaz actin up in the hood, send mo' troops
Dear Mr. President, tell me what to do
These niggaz actin up in the hood, send mo' troops

Dear Mr. Clinton, shit
It's gettin harder and harder for a motherfucker
to make a dollar in these here streets
I mean shit, I hear you screamin peace
But we can't find peace
til my little niggaz on these streets get a piece
I know you feel me cause you too near me not to hear me
So why don't you help a nigga out?
Sayin you cuttin welfare
That got us niggaz on the street, thinkin who in the hell care?
Shit, y'all want us to put down our glocks and our rocks
but y'all ain't ready to give us no motherfuckin dollars
What happened to our 40 acres and a mule fool?
We ain't stupid
Think you got us lookin to lose
Tryin to turn all us young niggaz into troops
You want us to fight your war
What the fuck I'm fightin for?
Shit, I ain't got no love here
I ain't had a check all year
Taxin, all the blacks and
police beatin me in the streets
Fuck peace

These niggaz actin up in the hood, send mo' troops

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Stupidity | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/7/12

Stupidity-your life is what you make of it! If you sit your lazy ass around and complain about how everyone is holding you back of course you will never have a job. Look at all the Hispanic people that have came to this country with nothing, no benefits, no welfare, not even a home and have done something with their life and succeeded. Look at working man white America-no welfare, no gov. support for college, no minority benefits-all because of what happened a century ago. The working man pays for this bullshit. "white man is the minority" Shut the fuck up and go get a job it does not matter what color you are just work hard and it will be noticed. Don't give up, work hard and you will be rewarded for your efforts.

To | Reviewer: GOD | 11/4/11

To whoever wrote "Tupac Knew | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/09" that was some tight rapping now bullshit no crapping i'm clapping at the same time i'm crying because lying we continue like this everybody dying. I'm sighing because I said it all before we must feed the fucking poor. We let it get too bad we all gonna end up sad. Rapping aint a fad it's something we mother fuckers do instead of shooting people and getting mad. Tupac today I sent your letter to the President but dont expect no answer there aint no precedent for President's responding to citizens... So until The President does we ride some outlaw shit never quit to spit the shit that rips and evokes an emotional fit cuz i'm ready to blasting people away for a meal a day. AINT NO WAY MOTHER FUCKERS CAN BE SITTING WITH BILLIONS IN THE BANK WHEN I GOT BILLIONS WHO WOULD OFFER GOD THANKS FOR A BOWL OF RICE. NAH NAH NAH THAT SHIT AINT NICE. I SAY IT THRICE FEED THE HUNGRY FEED THE HUNGRY FEED THE HUNGRY. CUZ IF YOU DON'T THEN WHAT THE FUCK IS IT ALL FOR? IF YOU DON'T I'M HEADING FOR THE DOOR...

whites are all racists. | Reviewer: ice-age | 9/29/11

yea deadthrow soldier i remain ya bigg'st dude.love this song,gat a lota messages outa it.hate the whites cus they feel they'r GODS.give m gun i'm bout blowin em up.f**k em whites,f**k their generatn on born.

time to wake up enternally | Reviewer: I'm the poor majority | 9/25/11

This song speaks to the reality that young, poor, hopeless kids and youth feel. These kids aren't stupid. They can see that capitalism dosen't give a Fuck about them. The only use is through capitalistic drug dealing, in which case they make great scapegoats. This hopelessness helps create more hopelessness and that's why most don't care. They see what happens to the ones who speak up against this modern day engineered slavery. We have become slaves to consumption. But we can change this really easily. Don't be afraid to speak up. They can silence me but they can't silence us all.

review rap | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/29/09

dear mr president i cant ask you what to do your actin up jus like the rest a these fools.. if i holla out at you on my death bed theirs no proof that u will come so president proof it.. i live a sucka fella life cause you choose the war side got me full of enemies.. gotta whatch my back and always stay strap if i wanna live to make another rap.. that's all you do for us put us tru war.. instead of raisin d salaries, helpin the poor sing a long wen we sing rejoice.. we all gotta fight to make d best of life.. this is wa my nigga 2pac n his homies sayin.. fuck all you haterz

Tupac Knew | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/09

Our government can't feed the poor//
Too busy promotin war//
The government is a bloated whore//
Straight from Babylon, they conceive this notion//
Watch the world burn and bodies float in a blood ocean//
Elitists, consider themselves chosen//
Above the rest of human "filth"//
Politickin and honin skills//
Bent on manipulation of the masses//
Welfare state, cradle to grave, kissin they asses//
Blastin, off startin wars with foreign lands//
Usin the people money to fund shit like the Taliban//
All hands, in the White House are stained red//
Innocent men sent to early graves or lyin on they death beds//
I know it's all been said, but we have been led//
To believe that the FED has the interests of the people close to heart//
But they've stabbed it in the back so many times, even CPR won't give that shit a start//

This song, along with your comments, inspired me to write that.

response... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/18/09

The "40 acres and a mule" part is a literal reference. 40 acres and a mule is what was promised to every african american slave after they were freed at the end of the civil war. He is saying that "we were promised liberty, land and the chance to success but all that America has done for us is keep us in poverty and danger"

Rebuttal... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/30/08

You are missing the point if you think he is saying that balck people in the ghetto are waiting for a wellfare cheque. What he is saying is that people are literally starving, and if you really are in the ghetto is virtually impossible to get out. The president wants to stop the crime, but how can that possibly happen if you have people in the streets starving?
He feels they need more help to escape - and lets face it, even more than 12 years on what has changed? Just look at New Orleans. Billions on a war, not a penny spent to prevent the levys breaking. Money for wars but can't feed the poor.
"40 acres and a mule fool" is not a literal reference. He is saying, that black people are simply not free when born into poverty.
Martin Luther King, Malcoom X made a difference because they reached people. 2pac reached as many if not even more people than they did. Love it or hate it, he is the Martin Luther King of his generation.

Whatever. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/26/08

What an insult to compare this trash with Martin Luther King. So welfare checks are how the government is supposed lift up black people? 2Pac was never a slave; he's not entitled to "40 acres and a mule." (Fool.) And nobody with any pride demands a handout. Martin Luther King fought for equality. Equality isn't sitting around collecting a welfare check because you think you're entitled to it. Equality is becoming a productive member of society and contributing something positive to the world. Whether you're black, white, red, or yellow. Poor and downtrodden comes in every color. So does bright, ambitious, and hopeful. There are plenty of black people who represent that, and this song does a terrible disservice to them.

response .. | Reviewer: suad | 4/15/08

Help foreign nations ? Which foreign nation have we helped. We help destroy foreign nations. And we serve our own interests under the pretext of "helping" other nations. If we had nothing in it for us, we wouldnt be helping any nation. Its called Capitalistic Terrorism.

Questions for the President | Reviewer: Jon | 11/14/04

This song by Tupac is very touching. It says everything men like Martin Luther King, and Malcolm X were saying. If the most powerful man in the world, which is the President can help foreign nations, what about our communities?

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