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Madonna Jump Lyrics

Last updated: 04/20/2011 11:00:00 AM

There's only so much you can learn in one place
The more that I wait, the more time that I waste

I haven't got much time to waste
It's time to make my way
I'm not afraid of what I'll face
But I'm afraid to stay
I'm going down my road and I can make it alone
I'll work and I'll fight till I find a place of my own

Are you ready to jump
Get ready to jump
Don't ever look back oh baby
Yes, I'm ready to jump
Just take my hand
get ready to jump

We learned out lesson from the start
My sisters and me
The only thing you can depend on
Is your family
Life's gonna drop you down like the limbs from a tree
It sways and it swings and it bends until it makes you see


Are you ready?

There's only so much you can learn in one place
The more that you wait
The more time that you waste

I'll work and I'll fight till I find a place of my own

It sways and it swings and it bends until you make it your own

I can make it alone [repeat]
(my sisters and me)

[Chorus X2]

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you know | Reviewer: olivia | 1/2/09

ive not been too sure about my life but when i first heard this song- i found my inspiration and that i needed to keep going and "Find a place of my own" and "not be afraid of what i face but be afraid of staying in one place" i love you madonna :) always and forever

Jump | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/8/08

I was looking for inspiration and I've found it...I just had to go back to the place I'd been before. I bought the "Confessions" album when it was first released and I fell in love with this song instantly. Once I learned the lyrics I grew to respect the song as well. Madonna, you are wisdom incarnate. I look forward to more of your teachings.

One of her best! | Reviewer: Mosey | 2/23/08

'Jump' definitely has to be one of the best Madonna songs! I really liked the music from the Frozen/Ray of Light 'era', but was a bit mystified by American Pie and such. Am so glad to see she's back on track again with Confessions on the Dance Floor!

Jump! | Reviewer: Croatia | 9/23/07

Great song, and the lyrics. The words and the music are always perfect, she gets it every time! She always write from the life and it's all true! I can really bond with her songs and find myself in them. She is the best! She is inspiration to me. She is my idol. X

"Jump": 10/10 | Reviewer: Kitkat | 7/10/07

The lyrics are excellent and the video coudln't have been better. Madonna's dance is cool. And the jumps in the video are extra cool. The lyric has symbolic depth in it and when the song is sung it seems so straigt forward. Overall it is a great song.

JUMP | Reviewer: Kenya | 5/6/07

This song is so great...listen to the words.It makes perfect sense. Madonna is awesome:)

stupendous and brilliant! | Reviewer: Sayak Boral | 4/9/07

Madonna rocks! This song's so smooth and kinda inspirational isn't it???

The most catchy tune and fastest tempo - whoa I'm already listening this song twice as I write this review

Great Tune | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/22/07

This is one of my fave Madonna songs. It's just so catchy, I can never stop humming it. Madonna never fails to impress me.