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The Vandals Pizza Tran Lyrics

Last updated: 02/16/2013 12:35:35 PM

medium cheese,
she's glad to take my order
long long way
from that lao-viet border
she fled the jungle
the evil viet cong, pizza tran
orange county
is where you belong

two long weeks
in that little leaky boat
just to get the right
to see me and to vote
here comes my pizza,
down bolsa avenue,
yes its true
pizza tran i love you

girls at school
they just don't understand
what do you see
in that little orphan tran?
she's so pretty
i'm proud to be her man,
and i am
and that's why
i love pizza tran

i love her
and i think she loves me
i order pizza
'bout 7 nights a week
she's my madam thieu
& i'm her general ky, i believe
she's baking another for me

pizza tran deliver something
i miss you and i'm so hungry
pizza tran
pizza tran get into that dope white supra
and bring me a slice
pizza tran

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Pizza Tran....I just thought Dave really liked pizza | Reviewer: Put That On Your Fucking Toast! | 2/16/13

Well, ive been listening to this song for years now, only hearing the House of Blues version, as any Vandals fan knows...they play their songs so fast live. Long story short, today I got Fear Of A Punk Planet.....HOLY FUCK! I had not one god damned idea that this song is so racist. I love good racism and no doubt...Dave hit the nail on the head with this one. Seriously, I have been walking around all fucking day with jeans what appears to be highwaters. :o Dammit...if only there were a reverse Viagra pill. That would help me out a lot.