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The Beatles It's Only Love Lyrics

Last updated: 08/21/2013 07:20:13 AM

I get high when I see you go by
My oh my.
When you sigh, my, my insides just fly,
Why am I so shy when I'm beside you?

It's only love and that is all,
Why should I feel the way I do?
It's only love, and that is all,
But it's so hard loving you.

Is it right that you and I should fight
Every night?
Just the sight of you makes nighttime bright,
Very bright.
Haven't I the right to make it up girl?

It's only love and that is all,
Why should I feel the way I do?
It's only love, and that is all
But it's so hard loving you
Yes it's so hard loving you -- loving you.

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it's Only Love | Reviewer: lea | 8/21/13

I always love Lennon's style and I think he is brilliant musician ..
Exactly, every song by Lennon...I can't get enough of it and it does
leave me wanting more. it's silly how he didnt care
much about this song and yet I think it's wonderful and we can all relate
to this song. Well, at least for those who's been in love before.
Beautiful song!

2 minutes of simple genius | Reviewer: Chuck | 1/28/12

This song barely manages 120 seconds and leaves you begging for more. Lennon at his passionate best and the musicianship in this incredible song is wonderful.

It just cuts through your soul. Brilliant simplicity. Simple brilliance.

It's Only Love | Reviewer: Sandy | 12/31/11

John Lennon was quoted as saying this was not one of his better songs but I like it a lot. It seems he was often quick to label love songs as, well ... silly, but he should have given himself more credit on this one. Haven't we all been in love with someone that made us so happy and so miserable simultaneously? That's what this song is about, said very simply, but sung very passionately.