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The Who Is It in My Head Lyrics

Last updated: 07/15/2013 06:47:30 PM

I see a man without a problem
I see a country always starved,
I hear the music of a heartbeat,
I walk, and people turn and laugh.

Is it in my head
Is it in my head
Is in my head here at the start?
Is it in my head
Is it in my head
Is it in my head, or in my heart?

I pick up phones and hear my history.
I dream of all the calls I miss.
I try to number those who love me,
And find exactly what the trouble is.

Is it in my head etc.

I feel I'm being followed,
My head is empty
Yet every word I say turns out a sentence.
Statements to a stranger
Just asking for directions
Turn from being help to being questions.

I see a man without a problem.

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Is it in my Head. | Reviewer: J O`leary | 7/15/13

This is one of those songs that is unlike the old Who.But every maturing band changes and as a 70s Who song there`s the strains of it that stays there with you in your memory.Not my out and out best Who song but I love it anyway-I must do I`ve been learning the lyrics and playing it.