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"I can't see the meaning of this life i'm leading, I try to forget you as you forgot me
this time there is nothing left for you to take, this is goodbye
Summer is miles and miles away, and no one would ask me to stay

And I, should contemplate this change to ease the pain.
And I, should step out of the rain, turn away.

Close to ending it all I am drifting through the stages of the rapture born within this loss
Thoughts of death inside, tear me apart from the core of my soul
Summer is miles and miles away, and no one would ask me to stay

And I, should contemplate this change, to ease the pain.
And I, should step out of the rain, turn away.

At times, the dark's fading slowly, but it never sustains.
Would someone watch over me, In my time of need.
Summer is miles and miles away, and no one would ask me to stay

And I, should contemplate this change, to ease the pain.
And I, should step out of the rain, turn away.
And I, should contemplate this change, to ease the pain.
And I, should step out of the rain, turn away."

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opeth masterpiece | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/11

another song from the master-piece-making-band Opeth. when i listen to this song i feel enlighted. i think this song is a song written by a man who think that there is no meaning to life any more because his girlfriend broke up with him in excuse of "we're just too different". so at first he tries to forget her, saying to himself "its better to forget so the pain will go away" but he cant do it and the thought that she's just forgetting while he tries but cannot do is making his state even worst, so, his having suicidal thoughts because he, like many begins to think that without her, his life is meaningless. so he decide to change unwillingly for her and thus being with her again, yet he knows that even after he'll change there is know way shell accept him, he need to "get out of the rain" the illusion that she might accept him, and turn away. he keeps saying that he finds no point at life and that the good worm place is very far away, and the only person that could invite him to go in, isnt even thinking about him,

suggestion | Reviewer: Opeth fan #1 | 11/5/09

Hi to all who just start hearing Opeth.(best band ever). if u appreciated this song and wanna get some of their best of this rock smooth style consider these : Creedence, Hope leaves, Closure, Coil, Benighted, Windowpane, To bid you farewell, Death whispered a lullaby, Karma, Porcelain Heart. These are suggestion of Opeth songs that dont include their Metal side for those who dont appreciate death metal screaming (which i really love in opeth songs) Hope u will enjoy.

Simply awesome | Reviewer: Rakat | 8/21/09

A really soothing song. Melodically beautiful. And a real fun song to play on the guitar. And Opeth's melo tracks can really control your emotion. Other songs like Hope Leaves and Windowpane is really awesome. And also I must mention about the track called Isolation Years from their Ghost Reveries album. The melody is just...too beautiful

about them... | Reviewer: Besim | 8/3/09

They are different from all other bands...
Mikael has and incredible voice, and all the others are really talented musicans.. i like they're mellow songs, especialy benighted.. no words to describe them... simply nr 1!!!

Opeth rules | Reviewer: Arthur | 6/5/09

Its the best alternative progressive rock band coz it has composed different genre songs.Especially "IN MY TIME OF NEED" and "HOPE LEAVES"are 2 awesome soft progressive rock songs and "DELIVERANCE" has thrash in it.They are one of the talented bands ever.

So Pure.. | Reviewer: d3sp3rad03 | 6/1/09

Opeth has a really rich musical minding. They are really "progressive" and hard to play but it also enjoyful to play cuz if u succesed to play a song from them, u can feel the progressive atmosphere on your fingers.

It locks you in... | Reviewer: OPM | 12/9/08

Opeth is a very powerful black metal band. I caught on to them in 99 when i was in high shool. They have a beautiful way of molding various styles with smooth transitions. They throw in odd timings, good solos, and stay unpredictable. Thing i love most is their studio production, which is as close to flawless as I've ever seen in a metal band.
I think in order to appreciate the band, you have to a gloomy side of you, and I can see how some people don't. Overall, it is indeed a must listen for people who appreciate good music (not to sound arrogant)

Musicsiren discovers musical OPETH gold, platinum, URANIUM!!! | Reviewer: Sandra | 8/10/08

I just happened upon this great band on youtube. I absolutely love the ballads! In My Time Of Need is musically intriquing, vocally mesmerizing and a gem reminiscent of Foreigner, although I would never compare their genius to any band.

Check out the new Porcelain Heart video for great videographic technique, symbolism, and musical journeying (many styles combined). Note the Celtic drumming...the drummer is great!!!

The omega of all music | Reviewer: Zach | 3/27/08

This is a band, that in my opinion, is where all music that spawned from the rock/jazz generation should come to,
it is utterly AMAZING how they can combine so many different musical styles in their albums, awesome,
i thank my friend matt for introducing me to them :)

Can't Be Explained... | Reviewer: Luna | 1/5/08

This song, any song, performed by Opeth is one that will take a hold of you and move you in a way you can't explain. Opeth has the ability to capture your soul and you become so willing to give it up.

One thing I find really amazing about Opeth is their level of sounds. Opeth has such an array of style. Regardless, Opeth has a unique sound. This unique sound... let's just say that my mother normally doesn't like my music, but she'll listen to Opeth and even asks to listen to this song.

Check out the band... seriously. You'll thank yourself later. =]

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