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Celine Dion If That's What It Takes Lyrics

Last updated: 01/17/2013 10:59:43 AM

You're the bravest of hearts, you're the strongest of souls
You're my light in the dark, you're the place I call home
You can say it's all right, but I know that you're breaking up inside
I see it in your eyes
Even you face the night afraid and alone
That's why I'll be there

When the storm rises up, when the shadows descend
Ev'ry beat of my heart, ev'ry day without end
Ev'ry second I live, that's the promise I make
Baby, that's what I'll give, if that's what it takes
If that's what it takes

You can sleep in my arms, you don't have to explain
When your heart's crying out, baby, whisper my name
'Cause I've reached out for you when the thunder is crashing up above
You've given me your love
When you smile like the sun that shines through the day,
That's why I'll be there

When the storm rises up, when the shadows descend
Ev'ry beat of my heart, ev'ry day without end
I will stand like your rock, I will bend till I break
Till there's no more to give, if that's what it takes
I will risk everything, I will fight, I will bleed
I will lay down my life, if that's what you need
Ev'ry second I live, that's the promise I make
Baby, that's what I'll give, if that's what it takes

Through the wind and the rain, through the smoke and the fire
When the fear rises up, when the wave's ever higher
I will lay down my heart, my body, my soul
I will hold on all night and never let go
Ev'ry second I live, that's the promise I make
Baby, that's what I'll give, if that's what it takes

If that's what it takes
whatever it takes, whatever it takes
If that's what it takes
whatever, whatever, whatever it takes

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luv determine destination=[junior boy] | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/17/13

most hav been dsturbed by ds worldly words bt neva tink it wil cntiue 4eva,true luv is had 2 gt in ds country,many ar cal bt few ar chosen,luv cn last if u ar willing 2 indulge in all it takes til de end.luv is inspirable dat contian so many tins inside it especially broken hart.take care.

special song | Reviewer: charmaine | 1/11/13

this song gives me hope and strength whenever I have fights wth my man,it myks me fight 4 wht I have wth my man ,not to let anyone destroy what we have,this song carries a veri strong and powerful massage,tht myks us not to give up wtht fighting,4 tht Celine I Salute u.

twinkle23 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/3/12

i've been inlove and i've been hurt and this song always remind me to stay strong, it always gives me courage to still believe in love to understand the meaning of love and to live with so much love, true love never cares if it takes love in return what matters is it gives love at all. thank you to the singer and the song writter of this did a very great job! you brought smile to those who are lonely, give faith to the hopeless and inspiration to me, cheers to all lovers!

u kno dis song is disturbing butterflies in ma stomach.......i feel so in luv over and over again....... | Reviewer: mcebo mbhokane | 10/31/12

sometimes we get so hurt by d ppl we luv d most and we become so disappointed we just want to giv up bt this song when we listen to it carefully we just cry out the pains we feel and we get the strenght to fight......if dats wat it takes

lovely | Reviewer: gentle | 10/30/12

i totaly fell in love with the original french version pour que tu m'aimes encore and when i heared this one i just stop and fall in love again with this song which is in a language i understand better than french but believe me the french version is more intense and contains some really incredible things one would do for love i remember her saying 'i will search for ur soul in cold ice and in the flames'.i just love celine dione and all her songs,she's amazing.

It moves me! | Reviewer: Jan M. | 5/6/12

I've been listening to this song since 1996 from her album of "Falling in to you". Everytime I hear this song, it reminded me to love unconditionaly.

Thanks Celine.. You've always been my idol, and you give me strength to look forward in life. thanks!

DRedd | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/13/12

This is a masterpiece! Very heart warming and gives me cause to ponder only on sweet, good, old memories even when am down. Thanks Celine for this piece of work! You are truly gifted. Hope to be like you someday, for I know that with God, all things are possible!

Celine's de best | Reviewer: Victor | 12/3/11

I've been listening to this song for the past three years, and to date, it's still one of my favorite. I can't explain the feelings on the inside of me each time I listen to the it. The song is powerful & the lyrics beautiful. I LOVE IT!

I LOVE IT | Reviewer: Sphesihle Khanyile | 11/16/11

This is one of the best songs, I love it a lot. Its message ........mmmmmmm nyc hey. N ts kinda so special 2 me cz I used 2 listen 2 it wit man, n nw that we on a long distance relationship this song is the only thing that reminds me of him.

Hmmm again | Reviewer: Joystars | 10/31/11

This is my model celine is perfectly the love woman. I like this track cos even if i don't wanna love again, with this song i see reason to be in love. Celine dion is a lady dat sings from her heart. Gosh am in love lolz.

i love celine | Reviewer: marie Louise | 6/7/11

Celine i will never forget you cos you're my everything and you're the best singer you will always in my deepest heart and in my mind i love all of your songs god be with you with all your family I love you Celine dion

Very soothing | Reviewer: Anuk Sapati | 3/29/11

Anytime I hear or play this song I get a fresh lease of glowing love hovering all around me......Its a song that expresses a very deep and passionate love for another......something that we all need and have to give. Its a beautiful song by an enchanting voice of a Diva who I personally believe will go down in history as one of the best that ever lived. Celine.....u're the besst

If That's What it Takes | Reviewer: Antonio | 2/5/11

I'm a CĂ©line fan and this song touches the deepest piece of my soul even when I'm not in love. But especially the original French verion "Pour Que Tu M'aimes Encore". She sings it so much more passionately than this adaptation, and the lyrics contain the same message, so I recommend that one to all of you who like "If That's What It Takes".

I tell my son this is our song! | Reviewer: Michaela | 1/30/11

My son is special needs. He always smiles when I play this song. Even now that he is a teenager and too cool for me. I play it for myself when I think I have no more to give. . . Whatever it takes.

i love it / Amanda | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/1/10

wow Celine wat a song i really like this song and each and everytime I'm listening to this song its always new 2 me word by word, and you realy know how sing a song of true and if true love is like that wow surely we do that to risk everything just wanna be wit your true love. I love you Celine Dion and your music wow it makes me feel like i don't know.