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The Cure If Only Tonight We Could Sleep Lyrics

Last updated: 05/03/2010 11:00:00 AM

If only tonight we could sleep
In a bed made of flowers
If only tonight we could fall
In a deathless spell

If only tonight we could slide
Into deep black water
And breathe
And breathe...

Then an angel would come
With burning eyes like stars
And bury us deep
In his velvet arms

And the rain would cry
As our faces slipped away
And the rain would cry

Don't let it end...

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Mesmerizing | Reviewer: RU486 | 5/1/10

Robert Smith, Cure mastermind, has always had a way of writing the most visually vivid images in word. With "Only Tonight.." he didn't disappoint, citing beautiful imagery. With the fluidity and hypnotizing guitars and the Moroccan influenced drum beats, this track is stunningly perfect and beautiful.

Anyone who has ever experienced those moments of pure bliss in infatuation - the mystique of a new relationship, will immediately relate. Though the words are few, they are so profound.