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Charlotte Church If I Loved You Lyrics

Last updated: 01/06/2013 09:22:31 AM

When I worked in the mill weavin' at the loom
I'd gaze absent minded at the roof
And half the time the shuttle o tangle in the threads
And the warped get mixed with the woof
If I loved you

But somehow I can see
Just exack'ly how I'd be

If I loved you
Time and again I would try to say
All I'd want you to know
If I loved you
Words wouldn't come in an easy way
Round in circles I'd go

Longing to tell you, but afraid and shy.
I'd let my golden chances pass me by.
Soon you'd leave me.
Off you would go in the mist of day.
Never, never to know,
How I loved you, if I loved you...

Longing to tell you, but afraid and shy
I'd let my golden chances pass me by

Soon you'd leave me.
Off you would go in the mist of day
Never, never to know
How I loved you
If I loved you

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Midst vs mist | Reviewer: ekps1388 | 1/5/13

I remember the following in Carousel lyrics of If I loved you:

Off you would go in the MIDST of day/ not MiST of day, but cannot find any lyrics to support my memory.

No big deal, just curious. Ekps1388.

I love this song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/18/07

This is one of the most heart-wrenching songs I've ever heard sung, even if you don't realize it comes from the musical "Carousel" and involves two people who are completely wrong for each other but who fall in love and marry anyway. Taking just the song on it's own merits, to me it speaks to all those who have ever been forced to love someone from afar, knowing that the person they love will never love them back, and yet being completely unable to stop loving. The yearning and heartache in this song, to me, are palpable, and listening to it, if you are a person whose love is unrequited, is at the same time painful and catharctic. I think it's a brilliant melding of words and music towards a specific end.