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Jack Johnson If I Could Lyrics

Last updated: 08/28/2013 06:14:49 AM

A brand new baby was born yesterday
Just in time
Papa cried, baby cried
Said "Your tears are like mine"
I heard some words
From a friend on the phone
That didn't sound so good
The doctor gave him two weeks to live
I'd give him more if I could

You know that I would now
If only I could
You know that I would now
If only I could

Down the middle drops one more
Grain of sand
They say that
New life makes losing life easier to understand
Words are kind
They helped ease the mind
I'll miss my old friend
And though you gotta go
We'll keep a piece of your soul
One goes out
One comes in

You know that I would now
If only I could
You know that I would now
If only I could

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Words CAN express how I feel. | Reviewer: Aaron | 8/28/13

When I lost my mother it was only 3 months later that her first grandchild, my daughter Athena, was born. Losing my mother was the most devastating experience of my life. She unexpectedly passed in her sleep. She was so excited to soon be a grandma. I proposed to my lady on Christmas Day, 5 days later my mom passed on. Here I was, experiencing the best and worst moments of my life in the span of less than a week. Knowing that my daughter would soon arrive to the world, I then realized that "new life makes losing life easier to understand". It's a cycle. This song has helped me in finding clarity with how it all turned out. Thanks Jack. Your songs bring comfort to my soul.. Rest in peace Mom 2/9/64 - 12/30/2011

so true | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/28/11

My nephew was born and three weeks later my dad died from melanoma. Three weeks after that my son was born. My dad was my best friend and if it weren't for those two baby boys God only knows where we'd be. New life makes losing life easier to understand. Thanks Jack - it's like you wrote this for my family.

The best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/1/11

He's simply the best, all his songs have a message. Itry to make my friends listen to him but they still don't do it, they are missing something really beautiful. I'm from Argentina, I'm 16 and still love him

toss up | Reviewer: Justin | 2/13/10

at first i thought that this song was about a young child passing but just recently wile playing it on the guitar i relied that it is about the balance of living and dead... the dad of the child had 2 weeks to live... one goes out one goes in

Best Artist of My Generation | Reviewer: gin | 5/14/09

Jack's the only one who can write about anything that matters in life and still have a clever way of putting it while keeping a catchy melody.

As for this song, I'd like to know the story behind it. It sparks something in my mind.

Amazing =D | Reviewer: Ellen | 5/4/09

this song reminds me of my nephew, Brody. he was diagnosed with Krabbe's Disease in November 2008, when he was just 9 months old. He is expected to have around a year and a half left to live. i love listening to this song. it makes me feel like other people know what my family and i are all going through.

Such a Great Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/13/08

I listened to this song a lot after my dad died. It still brings me to tears when I listen to it. My favorite part is "Words are kind
they help ease the mind
I miss my old friend
And though you gotta go
we'll keep a piece of your soul"

It is perfect, because even though you appreciate the condolences people offer and the love behind them, you still miss the loved one.

I miss you Dad!

moving | Reviewer: Justin | 1/28/08

I have always been close to music, and it has influenced me so much, it's taught me to reach for my dreams, and to escape from hassles of life for a snippet of time. But I have never found songs like these that move me to tears.

Jack Johnson has a special god-given gift, and shares it with everyone who listens to him. God bless you Jack.

simply great | Reviewer: niki | 10/4/07

i love this song. its so relaxing... i may be just 13 but this so moves me. Jack Johnson is a role model to me

wow. | Reviewer: grace | 8/20/07

beautiful song. i love jack johnson. ideal artist, love his work, truly amazing..

simply Beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/25/07

this is a very good song and i love listening to it over and over

wow. | Reviewer: carlos | 11/20/05

This song is a slow, melancholy approach to birth and death, expressing the exchange between lives.