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Bob Dylan If Dogs Run Free Lyrics

Last updated: 09/05/2014 06:42:11 PM

If dogs run free, then why not we
Across the swooping plain ?
My ears hear a symphony
Of two mules, trains and rain
The best is always yet to come
That's what they explain to me
Just do your thing, you'll be king
If dogs run free.

If dogs run free, why not me
Across the swamp of time ?
My mind weaves a symphony
And tapestry of rhyme
Oh, winds which rush my tale to thee
So it may flow and be
To each his own, it's all unknown
If dogs run free.

If dogs run free, then what must be
Must be and that is all
True love can make a blade of grass
Stand up straight and tall
In harmony with the cosmic sea
True love needs no company
It can cure the soul, it can make it whole
If dogs run free.

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If Dogs Run Free | Reviewer: Glory Cloud Revelation | 9/5/14

*Just a brief note to call your attention to the fact that this song "If Dogs Run Free" is being played at Bob Dylan's "New Morning" sing365 sight, instead of "New Morning". After listening to "If Dogs Run Free" at both places, Glory Cloud Revelation's opinion is that it an inferior song compared to the excellency of some of Bob Dylan's other ones. He is a singer, song writer in his own right, and doesn't need the female vocalist making those sounds in the background. Also, almost anybody can talk the lyrics, but few can sing lyrics like Bob Dylan does. .."If Dogs Run Free" is not one of Bob's best, even if the lyrics were to be sung because it's giving too much of the meaning of being free to the's going to the dogs! Don't get us wrong we love dogs, but a dog is a dog, and a person is a person. And our Creator is our Creator, who doesn't depend upon a bunch of cosmic dogs running free. ..Glory Cloud Revelation would like to see the theme of the word "Free" being presented in a more dignified way that would give glory to the Lord. "Let's not "just do your thing" .HE is LORD over everything, there's very little time left for going astray, especially, when we know better.Jesus is the life, the truth, the way! The joy and happiness and peace HE will give when we receive Him and live, and love and forgive is so beautiful, my dear, wouldn't you want everybody to open their ears and hearhow they could be free from the consequences of all of their sins for all eternity?!!! (and it doesn't depend upon, "If Dogs Run Free". ...May God bless you, Bob. We love you. You're still one of the most imaginatively deep writers that we appreciate and thank for songs like Blowin In the Wind, Slow Train Comin' many other gospe, and beautiful love songs, and protest songs you have written. May the Lord shine His Light on you on the Path of Victory, forever.