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I won't mistake you for problems with me
I won't let my moods ruin this you'll see
I won't take everything good and move it away
I won't be left dancing along to songs from the past
Would you stay home and keep our memories warm with me
Would you give all your love for a run at the past with me
I know you're sad even though you say that you're not
I know you're scared even though you say that you're not
I won't get mad when you say things are getting too hard
I won't make all of your love so scared to come through our yard
I won't scream in my head and let it isolate me
I won't be left dancing alone to songs from the past

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Awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/27/13

This song is awesome. Each time you fall in love a piece of your heart gets chipped away and of course music always brings you back to that place. Sometimes love can't overcome everything else that life has to bring. Sometimes its more about finding someone who fits and makes your life easier.

WOW | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/9/10

I think this song is about two people who have broken up, and one of them has moved on, while the other hasn't. they are now trying to be friends, but it is really hard

"Would you give all your love for a run at the past with me" --> one of them is with a new partner and the ex wants them to give her up to try again

I won't be left dancing alone to songs from the past --> the heartbroken one is trying to get over her ex so that they can be friends

russian girl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/12/10

It reminds you that even the invincible attitude of your teenage years and early 20's, no matter how strong they are, are just learning experiences. (c)

golden words

I'll take them as an axiom for my present harsh break-up.

Thank you. And the song is awesome no doubt.

Oh, Tegan and Sara... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/7/10

This song is so special to me. I am dating this girl and was dating someone whom I really thought was the one. This song is kind of a hybrid of the two situations. I know now that the one I am with now is good for me. And the other still pops into my head every now and then.

delta | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/5/10

I get a lot of what they’re saying here. My boyfriend and I are going through a lot of tough times and problems and I feel so…like what they’re saying. I hold on to the past a lot, I keep my emotions locked tight until they finally spill out violently. My moods often induce whiplash. It’s like a promise, this song. That you’ll try to work on the things you know are a problem.

And the parts they sing together are almost the two of them, in the relationship, telling each other they know all of these things and emotions we’re going through even though we say we’re not going through them.

It’s a song about promising someone to try.

I love it, a lot. Makes me remember that sometimes our problems are really problems I cause. My problems, per se.

lyrics | Reviewer: blahblahblah | 11/2/09

it also reminds me of a boy i fell so hard for. i was almost there, then i lost it all, it hurt so much. these lyrics are so meaningful towards me and everyone, it hurts inside when i listen to them

This song is amazing. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/08

I was raped about a year and a half ago, and it was this song that really pulled me through a lot of difficult times. This song really reminds me of everything my boyfriend and I had to go through after I told him about the rape. I knew that even though I was going through a lot, it was really hard for him too. This song reminded me that he was suffering too. But it also communicates the desperation I felt at the time. This song is amazing and I hope everybody can see the beauty in it.

this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/1/08

Omg thought of it like that so many times...glad to know I'm not alone, used to be a song for me and my ex now when I feel I've fallen for someone but know it's maybe not for real, this song cheers me up and makes me think it'll be good and I 'll get there :)

I Won't Be Left | Reviewer: Molly XD | 3/11/08

is such a great song ! It just makes me think of, how many stupid times, i will fall for the wrong person, when you know ultimately it's wrong, and you still do it anyway, because you are convinced love can prevail. until the day I'm convinced love doesn't prevail, I'll keep going my way. Thanks, Tegan and Sara.

good stuff | Reviewer: kristen | 12/4/07

i agree with the review up above. i am 20. and am in and out of depression, dealing with a co dependency personality isn't easy. i never thought i was. these lyrics represent much of the emotion i dealt with recently in my life. much till this moment also.

co dependent on a narcissistic was my down fall.

anyone else out there with the same problems?

downfalls are only lifes hurdles in learning and being a better human.

so i agree with the up above post.. its only a learning experience.

LOVE. | Reviewer: Sara | 7/17/07

This song, is amazing. Even if it doesn't have much lyrics. It's so meaningful - LOVE IT. <3

the song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/05

This song has a special meaning for me. It takes me to a place I couldnt describe before, but yet, i've been before. The sad thing is, is that i've only heard it for the first time just today. I bought the CD for the song, "Walking with a Ghost." And i played WWAG straight for 3 hours. Then i came across this song as i was listening to see what was on the rest of the album, and it almost brought me to tears. The lyrics are short, and to the point. It took me back to a failed relationship from years past, where innocense and naiveness can make you think that love conquers all. It reminds you that even the invincible attitude of your teenage years and early 20's, no matter how strong they are, are just learning experiences. And they can run so complicated. You hope that it works out for the people in this song, but you will never know. But yet, your experience tells you what is inevitably going to happen to them... And yet you still hope. And knowing that you will never know what happens, unless Tegan and Sara tell you, still gives you hope for these kids. This song is a beautiful song, as endearing as it is sad. This is a great song...

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