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The Unicorns I Was Born (A Unicorn) Lyrics

Last updated: 12/08/2008 10:00:00 AM

I was born a Unicorn
I missed the ark but I could've sworn
You'd wait for me

I was born a Unicorn
I could've sworn you believed in me.
Then how come all the other Unicorns are dead?

Were never gonna stop
I think I wanna stop
We want one us
I dont care i'll do push-ups
I write the songs
I WRITE the songs
You say I'm doing it wrong
YOU ARE doing it wrong

Put your crystals under my pillow
Send your epistle to my bedfellows

It also says!

When dreaming beasts are dying down, on out
They're there, for we agree they're there, They're there
alive and sure.

If I stop believing in you
If you stop believing in me
If I stop believing in you
If you stop believing in me

We're the Unicorns.
We're more than horses.
We're the Unicorns
And we're people too!

Thanks to Austin Woods for submitting I Was Born (A Unicorn) Lyrics.

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THE UNICORNS RULE!!!! | Reviewer: Riley | 12/7/08

well, my sister kim and her totally awsome friends started litsenung 2 this song a LONG time ago and when i was searching 4 songs 2 put on my i-pod from her i-tunes i found this song and i loved the beat!!!! Now i listen 2 this song all the time and i know all the lyrics!! i can say them right now...

The unicorns | Reviewer: I-was-born-a-unicorn-too!! | 4/28/08

I just recently discovered the unicorns, and I think they are actually really deep, despite the seemingly frivolous lyrics about unicorns, if you look past just the literal meaning of those words, you'll understand that its incredibley deep, I dont know if the band meant it to be like that, But when I listen to this song, I hear that you are whoever you say you are, and people will believe pretty much anything, and you never know what truth is, if you stop believeing in something, you could actually be abandoning truth, ..... also, that there are some people, who are different, who seem like they're more than other peoples, like their minds expand past normal thinking, They are still people, and should be treated like people, not like anything strange, and shouldnt be idolized.