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Rilo Kiley I Never Lyrics

Last updated: 09/19/2006 11:00:00 AM

I'm only a woman
Of flesh and bone
And I wept much
We all do
I thought I might die alone
But I had never(x11) met you
So baby be good to me
I've got nothing to give you, you see
except everything, everything, everything, everything
All the good
And the bad
Cause I've been bad
I've lied, cheated, stolen, and been ungrateful for what I had
And I'm afraid habits rule my waking life
I'm scared
And I'm running in my sleep
For you
But all of the oceans and rivers and showers will wash it all away
And make me clean
For you
Cause I had never(x15) met you

So let's take a loan out
Put it down on a house
In a place we've never lived
in a place that exists
In the pages of scripts and
the songs that they sing
And all the beautiful things
That make you weep but
Don't have to make you weak

Cause I never(x27) loved somebody
The way I loved you.

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Andy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/6/2007

This song is so romantic.

Everything is beautiful and so hopeful.

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Aww! | Reviewer: Gemm | 3/18/2007

I love this song, it's really sweet and country ballad-y, although that's not usually my cup of tea this song's just fantastic.

My favourite RK song is still "Jenny,"

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I love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/24/2006

this is a terrific song, it'a like the light in the dark, though, rilo kiley has usually very dark, depressing lyrics and this is a =n inspirtion, i loved it!!!

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