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Paul Brandt I Do Lyrics

Last updated: 04/17/2010 11:00:00 AM

(Paul Brandt)

I've seen the storm clouds in your past
But rest assured 'cause you are safe
at home at last
I rescued you, you rescued me
And we're right where we should be
when we're together

I know the questions in your mind
But go ahead and ask me one more time
You'll find the answer's still the same
It won't change from day to day
for worse or better

Will I promise to be your best friend
And am I here until the end
Can I be sure I have been waiting for you
And did I say my love is true
Baby I will, I am, I can, I have, I do

I know the time will disappear
But this love we're building on will always be here
No way that this is sinking sand
On this solid rock we'll stand forever


Baby I will, I am, I can, I have
Oh, I will, I am, I can, I have
Baby I will, I am, I can, I have, I do

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Just Perfect | Reviewer: Savana | 4/15/10

Ive been a fan of Paul Brandt since I was little. This song has had a special place in my heart, and I have every intention of playing it at my wedding. These are the words and feelings that describe true love. Its just perfect.

MY WEDDING SONG BUT NOW I AM A WIDOW | Reviewer: wendy parks | 11/25/09

This was our wedding song in 1997. My husband passed away in 2003. I don't hear the song played on the radio much.(Not in Years!) Well, it came on the radio yesterday when my daughter and I were on our way home from visiting family! I had to pull the car over because I was crying so much! My husband was my guardian angel letting me know he was with us for the 5 hour drive home from Tenessee to Alabama. This song is BEAUTIFUL!

idk | Reviewer: Charity | 2/24/08

I absolutely love this song. It's a perfect song of how i feel about my boyfriend. I heard it when I was younger, but didn't really pay much attention to the words. My boyfriend sang this song to me yesterday, and I love it. We're going to play this song at our wedding.

a godsend! | Reviewer: kimber | 1/9/08

i was layin in bed the other night and i was flippin through the radio stations tryin to find a song to play at our wedding and jus when i gave up this song came on and i cried, its exactly what me and my fiance say to each other...thank you

MY WEDDING SONG! | Reviewer: heather Munoz | 9/7/07

I absolutely love this song. I just got married in June and we played I DO at our wedding. The words are soooo perfect and i love his voice.

I DO Review | Reviewer: Devon Jarvis | 9/20/05

It's a damn good wedding song thats all i can say!

thanx you very much!!