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Natalie Grant I Desire Lyrics

Last updated: 02/21/2008 10:00:00 AM

Here in this world that you've designed
From the rolling plains to the oceans
Deep and wide
Where are the words that can say what's
In my heart
All that I am is amazed by who you are

The one thing I desire
Is just to know you more
To live a life that moves and breathes
And loves to bring you joy
So fill me with a fire
That burns away my doubts and all my fears
Into a place where you are all I hear
It's the one thing I desire
To do what you require
Is the one thing I desire

To love when I'd rather turn away
To give when I'm more resigned to take
To reach out a hand to someone who
Feels alone
The way you reached for me
When there seemed to be no hope

[Repeat Chorus]

I'll live my life serving Christ
Offering a sacrifice of praise

[Repeat Chorus]

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Jesus is more than just "another man" | Reviewer: Nardy | 7/1/2007

Jesus is the Lord of Lords; He is far above any other men, He is God and you are to love your God with all your heart and mind. By loving Jesus you do not love a man, you love the Light of the World, the Truth, the LIFE.
And it is not easy at all to love a person that you can not literally see, but that is part of faith and this love God rewards mightily.

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Natalie Grant_I Desire | Reviewer: DonoHawk | 10/4/2006

A love song to Jesus, I wonder if this would come under the heading of lust.....? It`s called praise and worship yet I find in real life only a female could get away with this song, yet many men love to follow the path of praise and worship to worship another man. I guess Senator Foley was mislead when expressing his love to another male....Go ahead and make me some of your excuses. Right, how gross....!
Now if I stumble, you will have something to anaylze me by.
I guess Natalie Peck said it right, "Jesus loves you but I don`t.

Forgive Me
I love the song and N. Grant.......

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