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Cyndi Lauper I'm Gonna Be Strong Lyrics

Last updated: 04/20/2000 06:11:05 AM

I can see
You're slipping away from me
And you're so afraid
That I'll plead with you to stay
So I'm gonna be strong
I'll let you go your way

Love is gone
There's no sense in going on
And your pity now
Would be more than I could bare
So I'm gonna be strong
I'll pretend I don't care

I'm gonna be strong
And stand as tall as I can
I'm gonna be strong
And let you go along
And take it like a man

When you say it's the end
I'll hand you a line
I'll smile and say
Don't you worry it's fine
And you'll never know darling
After you kiss me goodbye
How I'll break down and cry.

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