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Like I said
Leave your baggage at the back door
I'm leaving you the way I think it should be
We're always pulling into spaces that we can't back out of
Starting fights we can't talk our way out of them

How does it feel to be on the recieving end of this one?

I'm half way there and it's all on me
This is what I get for wanting more, for wanting more
This is the way its got to be
Dancing on all these changes
So I walk around with this rope in my hand

So I'll tie it around and around, and around
I'll tie me down

I'll fantasize of being manic
And leaving us behind
In your eyes you were the one that tried

Acceptance is what holds us here
And you my dear are the one I fear tonight
We'll try just one more time

This is the moment that we all live for
Are you ready? Are you ready?

I'm half way there and it's all on me
This is what I get for wanting more, for wanting more
This is the way its got to be
Dancing on all these changes
So I walk around with this rope in my hand

So I'll tie it around and around and around
I'll tie me down

You can't see past my waving hands
(just running away again)
You cant see past my waving hands
(Good Bye)

You think so loud it hurts my ears...
I want to know how to get through this
Without choking up
I can't feel you
You're so far from me

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The Chorus | Reviewer: Yanni Depp | 9/3/10

I think the chorus is sexual:

"I'm half-way there and it's all on me
This is what I get for wanting more, for wanting more"

Aaron had a lot of input into this record, and I know he had pre-marital sex with his wife (search YouTube for 'Aaron Gillespie Story' - it's what 'Dirty and Left Out' is all about). Which, for a Christian, is quite a no-go area and leaves you feeling dirty. Maybe the chorus is from the perspective of being 'in the act' and regretting it.

I've already lost | Reviewer: Ryan Ainsworth | 4/19/10

I think this is one of their best songs. I haven't gone completely mad like most of you, but I do know what it is like to go through troubling times with people. I don't know what the true meaning to this song is or if it even has one, but I do know it touches people.

AHMAZINGGGG | Reviewer: Martha | 1/27/10

this song and 'A Boy Brushed Red Living in Black and White are soooooo goood i love them and they are my favorite songs by Underoath!...

my mom said that listening to this kind of music is 'devils' music.. ):

I love this band. | Reviewer: i should be asleep | 8/13/09

Underoath isn't the sole purpose I'm alive. But they did become a raft to float on when I was going under. And I could never explain to a single soul how. I've been a fan of quite a few years. And so far this is my favorite song. Next would have to be It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door. The song that hooked me to the band. I like a lot of music in the same genre as Underoath. But by far this band has been my favorite.

So right. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/7/09

...He's a walking corpse because of a girl. He keeps going back to try to save the relationship because she's not ready to leave. I know because I was that girl; this song already happened to me. I drove him insane...all while having good intentions of course. He couldn't bear to leave me in such a morbid state, so he kept staying. But my past was what ultimately drove him to hate me in the first place. I tried to "leave the baggage at the door", but really, he can't get over what I had done before him...

I love Underoath, and this song. Def brilliant.

sweet!! | Reviewer: Katu | 8/16/08

i have to admit that this song is by far, probably the most brilliant i have had the chance to hear in a long while..i'd totally forgotten bout it but then while i was cleaning my comp i found it and heard it- and DAM...it brought back memories...
i have to admit that i never thought of the guy saying that he was gona commit suicie- i felt like it was more the end of a big deal that took over the most part of his life and that later on broke down, leaving him with nothing to live for, so he was like a cropse walking amongst the living and happy (if there is such a thing)

wow... | Reviewer: Jessica | 11/25/07

This is an amazing song what can I say...
It's meaning is so deep and can mean SO many different things.
I personally thought of it as someone who is having trouble dealing with the world around them and decide to kill them self.
It really is amazing how Underoath is able to put all of our life difficulties into a song when we cannot even express our feelings in our own words.
God Bless them

AWESOME! | Reviewer: Jess | 9/7/07

What can I say? They're the best. Every song of theirs is amazing, original. The lyrics are passionate, the music's passionate. Everything if thought out.

awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/1/07

this is one of my favourite songs. it is a perfectly good song on its own, but the way it "slides" into the next song, Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape, is just amazing.

the only bit i don't like about the song is the beginning. but that's my opinion.

Uh | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/29/07

No offense bryan. but im a huge UnderOATH fan. and TOCS doesnt transition from song to song all that great.. if you want to hear an album that does. listen to DTGL. TOCS was just making songs. and putting them all on one cd. they put a lot more thought into DTGL. and i cant wait for their new album

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