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Muse Hysteria Lyrics

Last updated: 12/10/2013 05:21:07 AM

It's bugging me
Grating me
And twisting me around
Yeah, I'm endlessly
Caving in
And turning inside out

'Cause I want it now
I want it now
Give me your heart and your soul
And I'm breaking out
I'm breaking out
Last chance to lose control

It's holding me, morphing me
And forcing me to strive
To be endlessly cold within
And dreaming I'm alive

'Cause I want it now
I want it now
Give me your heart and your soul
I'm not breaking down
I'm breaking out
Last chance to lose control

And I want you now
I want you now
I feel my heart implode
And I'm breaking out
Escaping now
Feeling my faith erode

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good | Reviewer: Ha Enoch(HK)(12 years old) | 12/10/13

I think that Muse is a brilliant band. But I didn’t attend any of their live because I didn’t have any time for me to do so.

Very sad

And I think that their songs are getting worse

Totally, completely, crazy wow | Reviewer: Mrs. Johnny Depp | 9/7/11

Muse is an amazing band, and for anyone listening to them for the first time, this song sums their sound up pretty well. The lyrics are deep, and I feel they embody exactly what hysteria is and can be. This song is about breaking away from the bonds of emotion that hold us to life and changing who you are in one endlessly hysteric moment. Truly a wrenching song, one of Muse's several.

This Song is About Technology | Reviewer: adrian | 7/1/11

man is being grated and twisted by technology; morphing us into something different than we have been in the past.

The Techno Industrial Machine wants our hearts and soul. we cannot break it down, it will break out and do away with us...its our last chance to lose control.

guau! | Reviewer: Andrea | 5/23/11

sorry I´m spanish and I don´t speak very well english but I need to said that I love this group, Is difficult to find bands whit this heavy and feeling, please continue a lot of years more!
thanks to the people what can understand me

Hysteria is about his girlfriend Gaia Polloni! | Reviewer: Jean | 3/21/11

You know everybody know Gaia Polloni is his GF. I think he was so high at this time he created this song! Like he was exploding inside for his GF. They were so hot! She took a break in her (she is medical doctor)training after meeting Bellamy to move with him to the UK, and when Polloni decided to move back to Italy and finish her training, Bellamy decided to follow her. They moved to Moltrasio. This shows that he loved his GF more than ever! So this song is about asking her to give him soul and heart....

One of my favorite songs of all time. | Reviewer: Xel | 1/6/11

Hysteria is just a total head rush of pounding drums, thumping bass and screeching guitar. The song is so well put together, I was hooked by the time the guitar kicked in with it's first lick. The lyrics are equally amazing and gripping, and details the feeling of hysteria. I just love to listen to this song over and over, and especially when I couple it with Time is Running Out. Those are perhaps my favorite Muse songs, and Muse is one of my favorite bands of all time. Whenever I play the song in my car, I make sure I turn it up so the 6" speakers in my side panels and the 10" sub blast the song as hard as it can. One time, a cop even stopped me to ask me what the song was, because he liked it.

Oh, and by the way. Muse is not and never has been Emo. It's just a poorly used and distributed label for bands with deep lyrics, which Muse is in no shortage of. Don't whine because your bands' lyrics and overall sound are poor in comparison to Muse and Bellamy's voice.

Reasons | Reviewer: Guess Who? | 12/13/10

One: I don't think this song is about the "Obsession over a girl." Do you even know what hysteria is? This song is about wanting to feel alive and dead, everything and nothing because this life creates so many emotions and thoughts... It's about wanting to break out of the shell of these emotions and thoughts that tie us down; that keep us from doing whatever it is we need to do to remain mentally sane. So, in conclusion, becoming hysterical and off balance will in fact keep us balanced and, well, mentally sane.

Amazing! Just beautiful! | Reviewer: Jack/Dawn | 9/14/10

Let me just get to the point. This song is so good, and sticks so well, I sing it in the shower! That's saying something. I would blush too @Kai and~ @Tom, tell him to frick off! If he can't sing it, tell him straight up, I tell my friends when they can't hit the lower tones and it's just wrong for a song. Don't be afraid.

Great song | Reviewer: Tom | 7/26/10

This is such a great song. My band has learnt it but the problem is that our singer can't sing the song properly. He's my friend, but he's completely up himself and thinks he's awesome, but he actually can't sing for shit and when he's on stage he just stands there and sings into the fucking mike. I want to sing instead of him because I can sing higher and stronger than him (he can sing a bit lower but wtf) but he won't let me and I don't know what to do. Any ideas?

possibly their best song | Reviewer: Calmeister | 6/26/10

This song has one of the best basslines ever. and like most of their songs, this could possibly be about the New World Order and "I thought this song was kool but like most songs i appreciate it more when i understand the lyrics and its hard for me to hear all the words from brittish bands " thats a bit stereotypical no? I can think of a few British bands who i can hear all the words, like... Madness, Muse and Placebo to name a few. I can hear all the words perfectly - you may need to get your hearing tested. I have no idea why Matt is so obsessed about NWO but it seems to have produced alot of good songs :D

extraordinary | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/22/10

when ı first hear this song ı felt like ı was flying.actually all muse songs makes you feel the same thig. but hysteria is quietly differennt that because it holds your soul. ı dont a guy who is nötr to hysteria and can somebody please tell me what does is mean ? thank you...

MUSE,MUSE,MUSE,forever!! | Reviewer: claire victoria | 8/25/09

i can't says to you,muse! I like your performed! Your songs perfect! I want you make a new album! Please,matt i wait your voice it really perfect and "INVINCIBLE" good!! See you in Indonesia next year.

so sick | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/16/09

I thought this song was kool but like most songs i appreciate it more when i understand the lyrics and its hard for me to hear all the words from brittish bands but now i've read the lyrics i can see the stemming of so many meanings like the obsession over a girl but based on the fact that muse is inspired by radiohead its possible this is about the last words in the song 'eroding faith'. the part where he says i want u now could be from the devils view point. Just a possibility

pretty damn amazing and not emo... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/11/09

this has gotta be one of the best Muse songs going. the sound is brilliant from all of the instruments, the bassline and vocals it makes a masterpiece. recommend this song to anyone who likes something a bit different :)

and muse are not emo. it's what all these people who say they're emo label them as because they want their style to seem better, it's common here in the UK, don't know about anywhere else...

Seriously... Not Emo | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/10/09

To this review:"It's just a song.. all of you need to calm down and get laid... fucking emo bastards... get a life... it's just a song.."

Well, Muse is NOT emo, but if you're so dead set on calling us and the song emo... I guess we'll all just pack up and go have hot, adrenalin-pumping emo puddle!sex with the song in the background...somewhere else. STFU.