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Tell me when the time we had slipped away
Tomorrow turned to yesterday
And I don't know how
Tell me what can stop this river of tears
It's been building up for years
For this moment now


Here I stand
Arms open wide
I've held you close
Kept you safe
Till you could fly

Tell me where the road ahead is gonna bend
And how to harness up the wind
And how to say goodbye

Tell me why
Why does following your dreams
Take you far away from me
And I knew that it would

Tell me how to fill the space you left behind
And how to laugh instead of cry
And how to say goodbye


Here I stand
Arms open wide
I've held you close
Kept you safe
Till you could fly

Tell me where the the road ahead is gonna bend
And how to harness up the wind
And how to say goodbye.

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How to say goodbye | Reviewer: Solongkiu | 12/8/13

Oh! Noh.. This song really heart touching .. I don't know to whom he sung. When i was 22 my g.f gone away from me and she left a space and yet still emty, i dn't know who can fill it that space.. Tears flowing like river.. Anyway thankiu so much michael w.smith

Forced to say goodye.. | Reviewer: Norah | 3/20/13

When my friend died last year, this song reminded me of how to keep in touch with others and cherish every moment spent together with them,..well i could not say goodbye to him coz we got out of touch and he followed his dreams after college, fell ill and i never knew,..i only heard of it a few days after his death...

Still, i cant stop this river of tears...i don know how to lough instead of crying...and how to say goodbye...sob sob..

Don't wanna say goodbye sob! sob!! | Reviewer: Drizzle | 9/20/12

Well the hardest thing 4 me is that I don't wanna say goodbye(even to this world).
.....Thy Kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven .......
is what I rather prefer.
Thnkz to Smith but his song even makes me more sadder doesn't it folks?

sad~~ | Reviewer: Fisher | 7/2/12

To finish my english teacher's assignment,it's the first time for me to listen Michael's shocked me~~
We left home for college,for jobs,for dreams...,but anyway,don't forget your parients,sometime even a call may make them happy...

Thanks Michael~~~

Move to the next level of ministry | Reviewer: Jim | 8/5/11

Last Sunday my wife and I completed 5 years ministry at a little church that when we came had no children's or youth ministry. Now by God's leading we feel ready to move to the next level. We don't feel like this move will be with children or youth because we have ministered there for over 33 years all combined in the (3) churches we have be to. Later this month our Daughter-in-Law, who was 2 years old when she came into our ministry, is planning a retirement party for us. But this song reminds me of all the children who have passed by us these 33 years. Some we influenced for years others for a Sunday or too, but all have been a blessing. Thanks Michael for reminding me that a day will come when we don't have to say goodbye.

An ExtraOrdinary Song | Reviewer: Abigael | 7/17/11

My dad and I argue for most of the time we spend together and after I listen to this song I realize that I'll leave him sometime over the years.It makes me want to enjoy each moment Am with him and give him a hug when I remember that its only a matter of time before I leave.

Goodbye for a Year | Reviewer: Pam | 6/8/11

This song made me cry when my youngest daughter left for college...and again, even more so, when, 4 years later, she followed her dream and left the U.S. to volunteer for a year in the Dominican Republic.

As a mother, I know I can't get in the way of where God leads her...I am happy that she listens to God's promptings and wants to serve others...but the pain of having her leave and fears for her health and safety makes it so hard! Fortunately, as is so often the case, the anticipation of her leaving was the hardest part. She is having an amazing experience and has touched many lives, and, thank God, she will be back home soon! Having said that, I know that it won't be long before she, once again, moves on to follow another dream. Hopefully each time we have to say goodbye, it will get easier and we can focus on how blessed we are to have such a wonderful, caring daughter in our family instead of our feelings of loss...

Michael's songs have ministered to me throughout the years, and this one really touches close to home!

still can't believe it. | Reviewer: Trudy Ncube | 5/10/11

A year ago I had to leave my folks and start with varsity, at the moment i was like " yes im leaving home and all the chores that had crippled my socil life",but then when i heard this song I thought to myself " girl your PARENTS LOVED AND STILL LOVE YOU THATS WHY THEY COULDNT SAY GOODBYE. and today i love and cherish them like its my last.

great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/18/11

This song reminds me of service dog puppy raising! We take a puppy for a year and a half and then they follow their dreams of becoming a service dog for somebody with a disability and we're left alone again! I cry every time I hear this song!

The story of us | Reviewer: | 11/20/09

Well I have not seen the video. As I listend to this song I wondered why he wrote it and who he wrote it for. I love this song, I can't stop listening to it. For me it tells the story of my husband and I as we travel down a road of seperation. He is now following his dream of living the life an alcoholic. As for me I don't know how to say good-bye and I don't know how to stop the tears from falling or how to fill the space you left behind. To my husband I will always love you even though you choose another dream. Thanks Micheal for writing this song.

Amazing Song & Video | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/27/09

I cry every time I watch this video. I can't help but be reminded that my own daughter will soon be dating, graduating high school, going away to college, getting married, and starting a life of her own one day.

An amazing soon and video from one of my favorite artists.

Touching | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/28/09

Beautiful, thanks for posting. A great Amy Grant lyric and Smitty tune...magic! Inspired by his daughter's moving out. He cried for days, so he says. Sounds like him... :) Amazing video to go with it, made my dad cry.

A parent's tribute | Reviewer: Jacquie | 5/21/09

Every time I hear this song I think of the fact that the last of my 3 kids will be graduating soon. And how I will soon be saying goodbye to him as he follows his dreams just as his brother and sister did before him. It is not that they are saying goodbye forever...but that they are embarking on the rest of their lives and I know that this may mean that I will take a back seat in his and their lives instead of always being right beside him. It is exactly what we do as parents...hold them close and keep them safe until they can fly and then let them go...If I never knew the meaning of bittersweet...I do now!!

getting married | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/1/09

I don't really know what to say...I just know this song made me stop and think! I'm getting married in augost and my dad is devasteded.I always though he was just being selfish and that he should have got used by know (we have been engage for 4 years now) but I never though much about how he must feel with me leaving mainly because I was always a daddy's girl. I feel awful now for being so rude to my dad...I'm gonna try to make each moment worth while and to be sure he knows I'll always be he's "daddy's girl" =')
Thank you and God bless

How To Say Good Bye | Reviewer: Liz | 2/3/09

I havent seen or talked to my dad for a little over 7 months after he kicked me out 4 the second time in my life when I was 20 & the first time when I was 16, and because of our pride neither one of us has bend, but I think it might be time to talk to him and tell him how I feel, thnx to this song I realized that. Every word of this song is us, I guess, but he doesnt know that, yet.......

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