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[Bob Marley]
Woman hold her head and cry
Cause her son had been shot down in the street and died

Woman hold her head and cry
Cause her son had been shot down in the street and died

(Notorious BIG)
When I die fuck it i wanna to go to hell
cause im a piece of shit it aint hard to fucking tell
it dont make sense going to heaven with the goodie goodies
dressed in white, i like black tim's and black hoodies
god would probably have me on some real strict shit
no sleepin all day no geting my dick licked
hanging with the goodie goodies loungin in paradise
fuck that shit i wanna tote guns and shoot dice
all my life ive been considered as the worst
lying to my mother even stealin out her purse
crime after crime from drugs to extortion
i know my mother wish she got a fucking abortion

[Bob Marley]
Woman hold her head and cry
Cause her son had been shot down in the street and died

[Notorious BIG]
I swear to God I wanna just slit my wrists and end this bullshit
Throw the Magnum to my head, threaten to pull shit
And squeeze, until the beds, completely red
I'm glad i'm dead, a worthless fuckin' buddha-head
The stress is buildin' up, I can't,
I can't believe suicide's on my fuckin' mind
I want to leave, I swear to God I feel like death is fuckin' callin' me
But naw you wouldn't understand
You see its kinda like the crack did to Pookie, in New Jack
Except when I cross over, there ain't no comin' back
Should I die on the train track, like Remo in Beatstreet
People at the funeral frontin' like they miss me
My baby momma kissed me but she glad i'm gone
She know me and her sister had somethin' goin' on
I wonder if I died, would tears come to her eyes?
Forgive me for my disrespect, forgive me for my lies

[Bob Marley X2]
Woman hold her head and cry
Cause her son had been shot down in the street and died

[Notorious BIG]
I reach my peak, I can't speak,
Call My Nigga Cheek, tell him that my will is weak
I'm sick of niggaz lyin', I'm sick of bitches hawkin'
Matter of fact, I'm sick of talkin' (talking..talking..) (fade)

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Think before you compose | Reviewer: stephen david | 4/26/12

I undastand al ya big en pac wer gud en great but wat thy isnt amthin stron lik thinz wich com 4rm ya mouth biggis smalls wantd to die then God withdru his gadian Angel den biggie was killd.
Pac en Biggie

hold ya head | Reviewer: esharegharan prince hope | 6/7/11

how could BIG think of goin to hell? well i'm glad words are not just music but can powerfully transmuted into actions, its real and natural, Big's own saying has taken em to cool off in the hotest part of hell, while Pac's lyrics has also thrown him in hell's eternal jail where fire extinquisher doesn't exist. poor ignorant rapers don't know the effect of words, just like Nas sometimes. they do it for the money and die over the repercussion. email ur reaction to unclehopee@yahoo.com
cos i might not be on this site again, thanks.

B.I.G. | Reviewer: southsiderlegend | 3/25/11

B.I.G. is the legend. Tupac is great as well, but Biggie jus' makes everythin' better, Tupac tells the TRUE stories of the game and goes into detail. Bob Marley is a legend nuff said. putting two completely different artist together makes greatness. this song is amazing. nuff said.

Blunter | Reviewer: Hunter left hand | 2/5/11

Fool his name wasn't george it was Christopher n he said he thought about suicide like he was thinkin bout it ya kno cuz his life was fucked up it wasn't fuckin bitches n smokin blunts all day like most people think n don't compare jus remember em n enjoy em cuz there will NEVER be ANYONE like them!

Bob and Biggie | Reviewer: amethystt13 | 12/19/10

Noway. Bob was about changing society, peace and love. Listen to some of his speeches, listen to his music. George and yes BIG's name was George, is all about violence and hurting. Bob and BIG were too different. I think Bob was a musical God, BIG wasn't even close. Ppl liked his music but he was not Bob Marley and never got close. I wish ppl would stop trying to compare totally different styles of music.

one love to my true thugs | Reviewer: hazem | 5/1/10

this song is fuckn madd dogg asin he knew he was gonna die so he made this song and tupac is much more into the game yeah but they are both real and true legends one love to my true thungs
rip to our hip-hop stars tupac and biggie smalls

RESPECT TO THE LEGENDS | Reviewer: sibusiso matla | 3/9/10

notorious, bob Marley and 2PAC all legends because they did want the had to do without regrets and without fear for death that what make a person a legend is to go above death. of course people die every day but what makes the differ from us is that their names will be remembered forever so i say that a good price to pay for short life and death! long live the legends

Big and tupac | Reviewer: bria | 2/15/10

like forreal both tupac and biggie were tight. dont compare.. they both had sick asss songs and shit dont hate on one just love dem both forreal best rappers ever forreal

rip tupac y biggie!
ya never forgotten.

Love the songg; | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/9/10

I don't understand this song. He keeps saying that he wants to die. Then why didn't he just commit suicide.? That don't make any scence.
Buhh, personaly. I like biggie more.

R.i.P. Biggie Smalls.
R.i.P. Tupac Shakur.

tupac | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/15/09

im a WESTSIDER 4lyf but to tell the truth tupac was way better he was more popular more know'n and he knew alot about the game cuz his been around the block more than biggie did i've got 2 admit biggie lyrics was tight but tupac's lyrics was tighter it had more meaning to reality and wanted to spread the word cuz he was revolutionary...

shiiiiiiit | Reviewer: luke | 11/11/09

shiiiiit tis is dope hot fam!!
but seriously Notorious B.I.G n Tupac Shakur
where talented yeh but dey we're two different type ov lyricalist!!! both ov tem wrote diff shit.
Tupac was a poet fam a fukn solider a hustler!!
Biggie was a hustler a fukn soldier his spits were tight!!
look yeh blud why judge them or compare them?
f31 has been touched by either one ov thm wasn't tht all dey wntd de musik to b heard ya get me!
not fukn fought ova jeeeeze

This is a recycled verse | Reviewer: TOATSMAGOATS | 8/7/09

This Biggie verese is a sample the original song is called "Suicidal Thoughts" it's from the Ready to Die album. But i like this version better the BOB Matrley sample was a dope touch and the beat is better this song is from the Biggie Duets album

B.I.G Is The Best In This Game | Reviewer: Big | 5/23/09

The Notorious B.i.G Is The Best In The Rap Game There will never be anthor Like Him .. His Music And his Words will Live on In Eveyone Who Ever heard Him .. People Will Always Learn From And Will Always Study His Words
With All Respect To Biggie i Say R.I.P King

Love 'em or hate 'em | Reviewer: Blakmal misunderstud | 10/31/08

Marley and Biggie man dope shit, just wish they really could have done something real together. Same with 2pac could have done better with their lives, but that is what makes this shit so poetic. Lot of lyrics I can relate too but it's different for everyone. Just glad they left us with their music to remember 'em. What They went through and had to do to make it. Mad respect for 'em living and sad to see them dead.

$&*%&(())@# Arrhghhg!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/08

Telling people how to lead their lives and what they should speak about isn't cool either! If Biggie asked everyone their position on his lyrics.... let's just stop it there-

In respect for B.I.G.

Learn some, HY.

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