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Travis Tritt Help Me Hold On Lyrics

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Written by Travis Tritt & Pat Terry

Baby close that suitcase you've been packin'
Just sit down and talk to me a while
I know you tried to tell me what was lackin'
But I guess I must have missed it by a mile
Well this time girl I swear to you I'll listen
Help me understand where I went wrong
It's hard to find myself in this position
*Scared* I'll go crazy once your gone

Help me hold what we had
Once our love was strong, it can be again
You said it takes two, to make love last
You were right all along so help me hold on

What have I got do to make it better?
What have I got to do to make you see
That even though I promised you forever
I never knew how hard that would be
I realize I took your love for granted
But I've learned that love worth havin' don't come free
And I'll pay any price it takes to keep you
Satisfied and stayin here with me...

Chorus (2 x's)

You were right all along
So help me hold on

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A Very Good Song | Reviewer: Amanda E | 9/16/2004

This song right here is a very well writen, good song. The chorus is what made me sit back and think, wow, this is a great song. It says so much with just a few little words. It made me want to hang on to what i love so much and not give up on our love (even though it is gone for right now). The chorus really got me. It's a awesome song, and I love Travis Tritt, he's got some good'n's. (Like Anymore and Tell me I was Dreamin)

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