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Rise Against Heaven Knows Lyrics

Last updated: 05/15/2013 12:54:42 PM

The day I learn to fly, I'm never coming down
On perfect wings I'll rise through the layers of the clouds

And from there I see the neon grids of cities
And six million people that keep their fires lit

I threw a party in my name
But the hours crawled by and no one came
So I bowed my head and I prayed for wings
To take me from this place... from you

I see myself inside you, you dream the dreams that I do,
You're still searching for these answers, they're not inside your wrist

And from there I see the neon grids of cities
And six million people that keep their fires lit

I threw a party in my name
But the hours crawled by and no one came
So I bowed my head and I prayed for wings
To take me from this place... from you

I close my eyes as the curtains draw,
I thought I heard your voice but I thought wrong,
'cause you're not there anymore,
No you're not there anymore

And so I lift my chin and the show goes on,
The sky is listening, the stars all sing along,
But you're not there anymore,
And I just can't care anymore

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Heaven knows... | Reviewer: The devadip | 5/15/13

Its clear that it's about suicide, but the scenario in the video its clearly a homicide, like when the victim wrote refering to "them" and advice Tim to run, its like the one who think all of this blaim someone for beeing his own murderer, wich it's normal, you can become victim of your own. And the fact of the "run" advice is, move on, leave this, do not follow my steps. Think its an awseome song with a meaningfull clip.

Best song off "RPM" | Reviewer: Nikki Welsh | 10/30/11

The thing that makes Rise Against such an amazing band isn't the only in the music they write and produce, it's the everything they stand for and the fact that, not only did they revive punk and hardcore, but they sorta created a genre all their own. You'll never hear anything out there like what these guys can do. Ever. It's really rare to find a modern band, especially in this day and age, that actually has the nerve to speak their minds and put meaning back into music.

Heaven Knows...Rise Against | Reviewer: Chef Dana | 2/26/11

This song is about Tims friend who comitted suicide. This song is very dear to him and he suggests that you guys do not fight over it but understand that it was a song to help him mourn.

TIms suggestion being passed through me. I also knew her.

bunch of retards | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/25/10

If you're going to post comments, don't spell every word wrong or you look like an idiot and people will stop reading way before the end. This goes out to... well, almost everyone that posted a comment.

Ima stop this | Reviewer: Mioku | 4/18/10

I think ima change this whole argument at a wall here when i say "Rise against has its own category" why does everything have to be so black and white? Rise against isn't Emo... no anti emo... just Rise Against.

RA emo!?!? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/29/09

Rise Against isnt emo they even say "you're still searching for these answers, not inside your wrist" that seems pretty anti-emo there and also just so you all know emo doesnt mean suicidle it means EMOtion happy sad and angry

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/7/09

everyone who thinks they're emo is stupid... and everyone who thinks emo means emotional is just as stupid. but my point, they're not emo, I absolutely HATE emo music, and you can't say a song is emo just because of the lyrics, hell a lot of heavy metal bands have emotional lyrics... I'm not saying Rise Against is metal either, they're punk so don't jump to conclusions. anyway, this song is amazing

Flip out. | Reviewer: Sarah | 11/13/09

wow just all flip put case there awesome and you flip out cause you think there emo? ell just cause they know what they are doing and you don't that doesn't mean a thing. just cause it's there song and you jeolouse. Well you see all together there better than all of yous. They aren't emo, and what is they were? why would you care?

Huh? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/6/09

Making a song in honour of a dead friend doesn't make a band emo. RA are ana amazing PUNK band. the Red Hot Chili Peppers made a song about a dead friend (Venice Queen) but that doesn't make them emo does it? No.
This song is brilliant btw, all their music is amazing.

Heaven Knows | Reviewer: Brandon | 8/6/09

"The Day I learn to fly, I'm never coming down"
That's like his friend saying that once he can be happy and free from the struggles and sadness of the world and his world, he's never going back (the first hint of his being suicidal)

"AND FROM HERE I see the neon grids of cities"
"AND THE SIX million people that keep there fires lit"
Once he's away from the real world, the world of societ and other people, he watches how they live.

"And I threw a party in my name"
He called his friends, people he knew to hang out with him, for himself (maybe he was selfish and didn't know it)

"but the hours crawled by and no one came"
No one came to be with him. Probably because of his personality flaws, that he couldn't fix.

"so I bowed my head and I prayed for wings"
"to take me from this place... from you"
He was depress from them not showing up. He wished to leave the earth, and everyone in it (yet another sign of suicide)

"I see myself inside you. You dream the dreams that I do.
This is Tim saying he sees his suicidal friend going through the same things he did. He too doesn't wish to be a part of society (the leader singer is a vegetarian/vegan, other songs suggest he doesn't agree with the way society lives)

"You're still searching for these answers, NOT INSIDE YOUR WRISTS"
Tim saying his suicidal friend does not know how to deal with his problems. He agrees with not being a part of society but cutting his wrists is not the answer to his problems.

"And I close my eyes as the curtain draws"
He doesn't know what to think of the situation so he closes his eyes. His friend is dead. "The curtain draws" his friend's show(life, and story) is now over.

"I thought I heard your voice, but I thought wrong"
He still finds it hard to believe his friend is dead. As if he's still alive, and he could just imagine hearing him speak again.

"'Cause you're not there anymore... No you're not there anymore.
His friend is not alive. There might be deeper meaning to it, but that's all I can really think of.

"AND SO I lift my chin, as the show goes on"
He snaps back to reality, stops mourning, and his life goes on without his friend.

"The sky is listening the stars all sing along."
"But you're not there anymore."
Everyone is enjoying things together, but either way, his friend is dead. He can never be a part of "the stars singing along."

"And I just can't care anymore"
He isn't going to let it hold him back. His friend is dead, he has mourned, now he will go back to his own life.

jack-offs | Reviewer: jrod860 | 6/22/09

this song is about tims friend who commited suicide. its not emo. its from his heart to his friend who struggled and gave up on life. and EMO is a lame ass term anyway. EMOtional... music is supposed to be emotional wheter its happiness or sorrow.

Riseagainstfan3223 | Reviewer: Mike | 4/21/09

It really is an insult to Rise Against and all of the fans to call them emo they are punk and The Man said it right they are deep involved in politics. If you read the lyrics right to you can clearly see that they are being anti-emo (not to be stereotypical) "you're still searching for these answers, not inside your wrist". I have been a Rise Against fan for 7 years and i own all of their albums and have almost every song memorized and a lot of their songs has lyrics diverting people away from suicide

They are Punk | Reviewer: The Man | 4/2/09

They're emo? Whoever said that is a fucking douchebag. Rise Against is one of the most awesome punk bands ever, to suggest their emo? What, the fuck. They are incredibly political. Just because they have awesome lyrics and use metaphors and smart use of words, doesn't make them emo. I oughtta kick your whiney little emo ass, if your going to get into a trend, at least pick a good one, you little fag.

What The HELL r U ol Toking About?! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/7/09

I Freakingly dont care if its emo or not! if i say that song rocks, that that song rocks! why would you all freaking care about it being a emo/ anti-emo song?!

P.S. Rise Against is great! but DONT.SAY.A.WORD. that it's emo or not or your not worth hearing the songs of Rise Against!

wtf?!?! | Reviewer: Spud | 2/28/09

why on earth are you even arguing if they are emo or not when you obviously don't even know the meaning of that word...emo isn't about being suicidal and cutting your's about EMOtions and showing them,both happy and sad...those kids going around pretending to be emos are just revolting teenagers who are trying to be supercool and awesome...anyway...the song is great and I absolutely love it (doesn't matter if it's emo or not)