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I'm waiting in my cold cell, when the bell begins to chime.
Reflecting on my past life and it doesn't have much time.
'Cause at 5 o'clock they take me to the Gallows pole,
The sands of time for me are running low.

Mother Fuckers!

When the priest comes to read me the last rites,
Take a look through the bars at the last sight,
Of a world that has gone very wrong for me.

Can it be that there's some sort of error.
Hard to stop the surmounting terror.
Is it really the end, not some crazy dream.

Somebody please tell me that I'm dreaming,
It's not easy to stop from screaming,
The words escape me when I try to speak.
Tears they flow but why am I crying,
After all I'm not afraid of dying.
Don't I believe that there never is an end.

As the guards march me out to the courtyard,
Somebody cries from a cell "God be with you".
If there's a God then why has he let me die?

As I walk all my life drifts before me,
Though the end is near I'm not sorry.
Catch my soul, it's willing to fly away.

Mark my words believe my soul lives on.
Don't worry now that I have gone.
I've gone beyond to seek the truth.

So when you know that your time is close at hand.
Maybe then you'll begin to understand,
Life down here is just a strange illusion

Hallowed be thy name 2x

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Best | Reviewer: Raa'Na Drake | 8/2/14

Het Maidens... Now its time for you to kneel down before this Filthy Guys.... When i heard this new version of song... It was like a hell ..and maidens failed to create this hell.... Carry on C.o.F and yeah its my top in playlist

Not Sure | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/11/13

I love both COF and Iron Maiden, but I felt that this version of the song lost a lot of the emotion that Bruce put into it. It destroyed the whole "finding God in your final hour" meaning that Iron Maiden had.

Cof bring more hell! N really death! | Reviewer: Joe | 6/20/13

No doubt that IM is great! Bt when i listened hbtn for the first time it seems like i'm already in the fucken hell n more great death, IM was jst too slow!! Cof is the death one n the great one they bring more hell to me. When i'm listening cof song it seem like i myself having a concert with the CoF. Cof is a fuck damn great death.!!! I want COF TO CREAT MORE DEATH N fuck the all who against COF.

COF | Reviewer: Stephen | 5/18/13

Well i never know that cof would come up with this ya iron maiden did sang heavy but after hearing cof bout these song DAMNT itz ridicillious fucking awesome they dump the iron maiden. Kp it up COF THE BEST OF ALL.

Theory of the real music | Reviewer: kukhrolo kapfo | 3/29/13

This music,I.M,the legendary rock-band created it,they made it rockly and lively during their times and it was great..
Later it was modified by the modern metal band C.o.B,they made it more heavier than the I.M versions..i can say it was deathly great too..

But think of it...though C.o.B did it damnly heavy,yet somewhere and somehow they are incomplete ccuz they just improve it,+ it cant be done if its not I.M....i mean..to create is original and its more preferable,
...but you guys dont got me wrong..i dont sopport or against both the bands but what i feell is that evrithing original and firsthand is amazing..
Its just wonderful..yeah i can say that it was inspirable too...
"Rock n Roll" 4ever young...

the cover is better than original | Reviewer: Abhinab Chakraborty | 6/29/12

I 'm sorry Iron Maiden though it's your original song but cradle of filth sang much faster, heavier and really sang like a metal but your song was too slow to hear seems like a light metal is singing.......cradle of filth u roooocck

Amit | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/13/11

I am a person who honors traditional heavy metal, but I have to agree that this version is better than the original. To those who would say that Cradle of Filth is for Faggots, Pray to god I don't learn your Identity, because if I do, I will hunt you down, tear out your entrails, and hang you by them. Have a good day 8)

COF IS DA KING OF DEATH | Reviewer: Suresh | 6/9/10

When I listend 2 COF's version of this song,I was fucking thrilld.OMG!!! They made it so lively that I was fuckin drownd in the music.fuckin amazing.fuckin best death I'v heard.COF u r da best.fuckin love it.

BETTER THAN IRON MAIDEN | Reviewer: anonymous | 3/24/10

IRON MAIDEN is undoubtedly Legendary but Cradle Of Filth bested them, instead of a long LOWWWWWW.....
the sudden MOTHERFUCKERSS sounds more increadible and Fuckin AWESOMMMME!!!


FUCKEN GREAT! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/10

CoF just made this song sound like "I'm the god now, listen to me!!!!!" ITS JUST GREAT! And I dont say that Iron Maiden is not good. I love 'em too, nobody can replace em! but definitely... CoF rocked this one... FUCK! Keep the great job! I FUCKIN LOVE IT!!!!! lml

Rocktarded | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/14/09

I agree with the original poster. Improving what already exists is not as difficult as creating it. I personally like both versions. It should also be seen that the difference is also a result of vin changes in technology when iron maiden made it and when cradle did. This is illustrated clearly in maiden's rock in rio version. It was better than the live after death version.

legends are always legends | Reviewer: Ajay | 10/5/09

i understand the COF version is amazingly fast and hard in comparison to the iron maiden's version..but one must realize composing a music such as this is far more difficult than just improving it. i am sure that says it all..after all legends like Iron maiden can never be and shouldn't be matched with songs which are just an improvisation of what was already created..true rock music critiques would realize that.

Cradle Fucking Rocks... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/26/09

Even though Iron Maiden are great, Cradle of Filth did the fucking best version of Hallowed Be Thy Name.
The vocals, guitars and the drums are all fucking heavy and fast. Thanx Dani.
Robert, Imphal, India

way fucking better. | Reviewer: Chad Filth | 9/4/08

the CoF version slaughtered the Iron Maiden. the I.M. version just sounds so retarted to me now since I heard the CoF one. Iron Maiden may have dreamed of the song, but CoF made it so real, way more metal, the guitar is so much more defined, the singing is better, everything.

Cradle > Iron | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/12/07

Iron Maidens version was nice but i freaking love CoF's version of this song its amazing its faster and harder. Keep up the great work!

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