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Hand in glove
The sun shines out of our behinds
No, it's not like any other love
This one is different - because it's us

Hand in glove
We can go wherever we please
And everything depends upon
How near you stand to me

And if the people stare
Then the people stare
Oh, I really don't know and I really don't care

There's no shame, ohhh no...
Ohhh no...

Hand in glove
The Good People laugh
Yes, we may be hidden by rags
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But we've something they'll never have

Hand in glove
The sun shines out of our behinds
Yes, we may be hidden by rags
But we've something they'll never have

And if the people stare
Then the people stare
Oh, I really don't know and I really don't care

There's no shame, ohhh no...
Ohhh no...

So, hand in glove I stake my claim
I'll fight to the last breath

If they dare touch a hair on your head
I'll fight to the last breath

For the Good Life is out there somewhere
So stay on my arm, you little charmer

But I know my luck too well
Yes, I know my luck too well
And I'll probably never see you again
I'll probably never see you again
I'll probably never see you again
Oh ...

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Marr! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/9/13

Marr strung the chords for this on a Sunday afternoon whilst with his girlfriend and by the Sunday evening Marr and his girlfriend were round Morrissey's place in turn the great man wrote this in two hours, it's all about friendship whilst being alienated from society.

That's about Morrissey & Marr | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/5/13

Are you guys serious? This song is about the love between Marr and Morrissey. They said that The Smiths was about us, only about us. Morrissey adore Marr, they're like soulmates, or they were.

misinterpreted line | Reviewer: carealot | 3/2/13

I though the line

"Yes, we may be hidden by rags"

"and we may eaten by bears"

I did, however, make out

"Oh, I really don't know and I really don't care"

which may be the best line in the song.

FUCKING HIPSTER | Reviewer: M | 1/9/13

the song is about when one is ashamed of the couple maybe because he is ugly or weird or not accepted, so the song is singed in the ugly one point of view... GOD!! people, remenber morrissey is ugly and he was rejected all over and over again by womens he likes just for being ugly... of course he write songs ambigous... but the people who thinks morrissey is gay, is a fucking idiot.. is just publicity... he is not gay, he is misogynist

Overthinking | Reviewer: Kones | 12/28/12

Some of you are forcing a homosexual agenda onto this. I believe it is simply about being in love - straight or gay is irrelevant. Many are pointing to the line "it's not like any other love, this one is different because it's us" However, he is just being facetious, perhaps sardonic when saying that and you need to focus on the entire line, not just the first half. What he is getting at is how young lovers often feel like their love is special, unique, one of a kind, they'll make out in public, they'll show affection publicly, more so than older couples...sort of poking fun at a youthful romanticism.

about gay context)) | Reviewer: Alfaalfa | 12/5/12

Surely one could see gay context in this song or prove that its as straight as possible-but that's the trick. I suppose Morrissey intentionally hid this context to attract public attention to the band and maybe to demonstrate attitude toward homophobia. This was really popular trick with new-wave/postpunk movement (to remember Robert Smith with Let's Go To Bed video or Why Can't I Be You song). Should it mean that Morrissey is gay-I suppose not, it doesn't mean the opposite too, but who cares...(people who prove or disprove his gayness))

my take | Reviewer: sebremit | 11/26/12

The song is about a couple's departure from traditional values and relational skills that they learned from their parents and surrounding friends/family. It's about developing new behaviors that bring them closer to vintage love. Everyone observing the couple are appalled and dismissive, yet probably secretly jealous, but ultimately frustrated because they too wish they could have what the couple represent, yet do not know how to get there, so they react spitefully.

hmm | Reviewer: mitch rodney | 11/26/12

i don't believe this song can be owned by any sexual orientation.
that's cool if you think it represents your struggle of love,
but i mean...get over yourself already. everyone will apply their own meaning to it.

No reason to think this is about faggotry | Reviewer: Yep | 11/10/12

If the author wanted to say something about fags, he could have easily rhymed it with "rags".

Some normal couples are stared at in some places. Possibly just for standing too close to one another in situations where someone might not think it's appropriate.

It could just as well be about a couple where one person left a well-to-do upbringing to share life with someone a poorer background.

Also, some normal people's marriages are sometimes frowned upon by some others, as when the woman is substantially younger; "little charmer" is consistent with an age difference, and women are usually smaller, so this would imply the woman in the relationship is perhaps younger.

"Hand in glove" might just as well mean two people who fit well (think spooning), compatibility, etc., rather than two people being of the same "hand" with hand referring to perverted sexuality...kind of a long shot to connect those. It would be closer to be of the same hand and have "hand" refer to manustupration, implying a couple who want each other but can't have each other for reasons of external interference but are somehow together by virtue taking one another as an object of self-abusive hand...age difference or underagedness being a very common reason for this interference.

The last stanza indicates probable relationship failure -- perhaps the female is actually underage...that can lead to failure pretty readily, and the "Good People" element is extremely common in such situations, and they can lead in several ways to seeing one another again.

Amazing song, better lyrics. | Reviewer: Arthur | 10/15/12

I personally think that this song does have quiet a noticeable amount of gay subtext in it, and that you'd have to be blind not to see it. I believe it is about how taboo displays of gay affection are in public. I've had male friends of mine get very close to me in public, laugh on me, lay on me. We are always met with looks of confusion and/or disgust, though we rarely notice right away "And if the people stare, then the people stare
Oh, I really don't know and I really don't care." No matter how the lyrics come across though, this is a brilliant song by a brilliant band and deserves respect.

Excellent | Reviewer: Bittersweet | 9/6/12

How anyone can't see this is about a beautiful same sex love song is beyond me.
The last verse gives it away.

"But I know my luck too well
Yes, I know my luck too well
And I'll probably never see you again
I'll probably never see you again
I'll probably never see you again"

And I should know.

Mozza Defence | Reviewer: Mozza fan | 5/30/12

Mozza often says in interviews that he does not like to tell people what his lyrics are about or what they are supposed to feel. He wants you to just listen to it and interpret the meanings your self. Therefore the song the song isn't one thing or another and its no longer just a smiths song its your song.

Not Gay at all | Reviewer: jorge posada | 3/17/12

Come on seriously! Wearing rags, we've something they'll never have, then Morrissey talks about his luck, the sun is always behind..ie the future is bleak...it's about the gap between rich and poor. Take a walk downtown in a big city and think. The rich gawk at the poor as if they were some kind of aliens. The something is; true intelligence, perspective, humbleness, appreciation for life basic beauty...things the rich rarely have

I think you can strain to make anything sound gay, or straight, or however you want. Take a step back and refocus on something other than yourself.

Ambiguous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/11

I think a strong case *could* be made that it's a same-sex love song which deals with being seen publically as a couple and the homophobic reactions such couples constantly face. As mentioned by others above, there's the line "and if the people stare". Also, "everything depends upon how near you stand to me"; it's difficult to make sense of this otherwise, but is fitting and poignant for a same-sex love song. "If they dare touch a hair on your head I'll fight to the last breath", also perfectly fitting for same-sex couples constantly facing the threat of violence if showing affection in public (again, "everything depends upon how near you stand to me"). Also, "There's no shame, ohhh no...", fits reference to homophobic reactions. What *is* clear and well-established is that it's a love song about a couple being reacted to with threat of violence and shaming by others when they're in public together, making them self-conscious even of how near they stand to each other. Sad and moving from the perspective I've described. The line "we may be hidden by rags" however enables an alternative reading, that it's about the poverty of the couple, class, social inequality. Oh, and to the 1st post who thought that "charmer" sounded like a woman, in The Smiths the most prominant other use of that is on the same debut album, of course, "This Charming Man".

con | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/9/11

Hmmm, I can kinda see gay implications through "if people stare then people stare" but this could be countered by "so stay on my arm you little charmer" which sounds more like morrissey is speaking to a woman.

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