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Gravity is working against me
And gravity wants to bring me down

Oh I'll never know what makes this man
With all the love that his heart can stand
Dream of ways to throw it all away

Oh Gravity is working against me
And gravity wants to bring me down

Oh twice as much ain't twice as good
And can't sustain like a one half could
It's wanting more
That's gonna send me to my knees

Oh gravity, stay the hell away from me
And gravity has taken better men than me (now how can that be?)

Just keep me where the light is
Just keep me where the light is
Just keep me where the light is
C'mon keep me where the light is
C'mon keep me where the light is
Oh... where the light is! [repeat]

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bluesy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/27/13

I love how he brings a little blues sound to his music. The lyrics are amazing and just to the point. So much said with such little words. His passion is what makes him. I think get would be just as happy making music even if he made as much money as a lowes employee like me. Its his passion and clearly his life experiences that makes this so relatable to me.

other version | Reviewer: ed | 4/20/13

if you like this song, you should listen Michael Collings version.... you can find in youtube. I think his great voice and new guitar gives it a better sound.

question of taste... dont lose noting, just try it.

I love this song!

What Gravity Means... | Reviewer: Hooben | 10/16/12

Arguably Mayers best song, lyrically he speaks about his relationship with God and uses gravity as a metaphor for the Devil. John found it difficult to simply write a song entitled Devil. The lyrics state that gravity is working against me and that it wants to bring me down. Then he mentions how he has so much love, more than his heart can stand. But still he dreams of ways to throw all this love away... once again a reference to the Devil and his wishes for us to throw all whats good in our lives away. We want twice as much, but it's not twice as good. It's wanting more that's gonna send me to my knees. See, greed is also something the Devil sends us...of course we pray on our knees. At this point the song sounds so much like a spiritual that belongs in a church somewhere. Gravity (Devil) stay the hell away from me. Gravity (the Devil), has taken better men than me. Just keep me where the light is.. of course referring to Gods light and how the Devil loves the darkness. An amazing song that is very much underrated. Gravity delivers!!!

Gravity | Reviewer: Kim | 4/19/12

tengo 25 años y soy cubana.
no lo descubrí por accidente, ya alguien me lo había sugerido y por algun motivo no había escuchado nada de él, hasta que escuché los primeros acordes de esta cancion y algo literalmente me elevó. La creo perfecta y no solo por las circunstancias en las que la escuché sino porque expresa todo el sentimiento de un momento que viví. A partir de entonces he seguido la musica de John Mayer y me he seguido identificando con ella.

mediocre? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/4/11

I do not find john mayer mediocre, because he brings true emotion and simple meaning to his music, which a lot of popular and modern artists really lack. John Mayer states it all simply, but creatively and in ways that anyone can relate to.

Common Sense | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/14/11

This song is perfect to me in the sense that I can draw meaning from it. Now to the guy that states that it's mediocre...the last time I checked music is subjective and just because you find him mediocre, that doesn't grant it an ounce of truth....with that I'll let you be as you're only human and can have your opinion as I have mine

thanks | Reviewer: kenrockz | 2/13/11

thanks for not keeping the lyrics of this song to yourself unlike other websites..i copied it to memorize coz this song keeps bugging my mind it just plays on and on..i think for those who say that JM is a mediocre musician, think twice, he's really good with his thing and besides, i think its not just the skills that can make a musician a legend but also on how many lives he has touched with his music. he has touched mine and i guess many others too.

my comment | Reviewer: sassy lady | 9/1/10

I have always admired John mayer as an artist, his talent is groundbreaking. His voice is really soothing, his songs are almost perfect. I personally think that John is a real star that has a real ability to captivate poeple feelings when they 're almost out of their minds. In other word "troubled".
John Mayer forever fan ;)

Average... | Reviewer: Avoll | 8/23/10

All in all, John Mayer's music has yet to do much for me. This song is a good example. By itself, it's nice. The song carries a distinct message and it's brief and doesn't go all over the place, musically or lyrically. But John Mayer doesn't do anything groundbreaking or particularly interesting in his music. Yes, he has a nice voice, but I've heard a thousand artists and bands that have nice vocals. Yes, he has good lyrics, but I've seen better ones countless times. What does he bring to the table? In case you were struggling, the answer is: nothing. Just throngs of raving fans who can't seem to realize just how mediocre his music really is.

Gravity | Reviewer: Angel | 5/2/10

This song is what I needed to bring me back down to earth. I've had alot on my plate lately , and this song helps to clear my thoughts and make me focus on whats important. Thank GOD for such a great artist.

life | Reviewer: Manon | 1/19/10

Wonderful song, it really calms me down.
I knew John Mayer already, but this year I have really become a fan. He is coming to the Netherlands this year, unfortunately his concert is already sold out. Looks like I’m not the only one.

Gravity | Reviewer: Donald | 12/31/09

I am a 65 year old African American, born in Mississippi. I remember our first local radio and our first T.V. stations. I am not a musician, but I think that I should have been one...or a farmer. The love of music and farming has always been with me and I hope, will remained with me until the end.
John Mayer is as good as I have heard in a very long time. He is a very talanted singer, but a better musician.
It is strange how circumstances create the changes and stimulas in our lives. I was surfing the PBS channels when I found John performing "Gravity" at a recording at the Cross Roads concert in Chicago. I enjoyed it and I semerged in it as much as his live audience and probably John himself. I could see that he was satisfied with his performance as he certainly should have been. To me, his was better than the great "BB"s...and Eric!

Don E.

maturity | Reviewer: Bloodnyt | 12/15/09

Lyrically this song is so brief, and yet, manages to say so much. Vocally, John, in my opinion, still has more maturing to do. Don't get me wrong. His voice is wonderful. But I can't wait to hear him when the years have put their stamp on his voice, and his soul, and we'll be able to hear so much more of his life when he sings (listen to early BB King and compare it to decades later). I want to talk about how much John matured as a guitarist on this album and particularly this song. He shows such depth and soul in his playing! His timing on this is so amazing, and his ability to draw notes to their final, almost agonizing, conclusion touched me like nothing else he's ever done. At work I'd put this song on repeat and listen for each note thru my headphones, savoring the chills traveling up and down my spine, as his delicate gifted touch placed notes almost beyond our hearing. So damn deep.

Great | Reviewer: Mike | 7/7/09

I am a 26 year old black man who loves Hip Hop and R&B, I'm a Rapper but I am a lover of music and I lucked up, my grandfather just so happened to have an unopened cd of john mayer he wanted me to check out. 6 months later I finally decide to do so.Let's just say, this song is exactly what I needed to hear to help me through what I'm going through. Simple and Deep

Nick jonas! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/3/09

This song is so beautiful and yet so simple. I also really love nick jonas' version. He looks up to john Mayer which is so sweet. The continuum album is so mellow and meaningful. Really good music. =D

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