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Alison Krauss Gravity Lyrics

Last updated: 11/24/2008 10:00:00 AM

I left home when I was seventeen
I just grew tired of fallin' down
And I'm sure I was told
The allure of the road
Would be all I found

And all the answers that I started with
Turned out questions in the end
So years roll on by
And just like the sky
The road never ends

And the people who love me still ask me
When are you coming back to town
And I answer quite frankly
When they stop building roads
And all God needs is gravity to hold me down

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Great Song For Travelers | Reviewer: Mark Bryant | 8/16/2007

This ranks right up there with "Days are Numbers" by the Alan Parsons Project as being a great song for travelers. Some are born to live their entire lives in their hometowns, some are born to live their lives on the road. The lyrics in this song are haunting, made even more-so by Alison's soothing voice. Not the only great song on this album - Lonely Runs Both Ways is her finest album to date in my opinion

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Incredibly beautiful | Reviewer: Suerreal | 7/9/2005

I think the combination of Jerry Dougles's Dobro and Alison Krauss's voice is incredibily beautiful on this one.

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